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Dr. Karin HardimanUAB Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery Associate Professor Karin Hardiman, M.D., Ph.D., was recently appointed to serve as a standing member on the National Institutes of Health’s Bioengineering, Technology, and Surgical Sciences (BTSS) Study Section.

Through this study section, Hardiman will review grant applications with other section members across the interdisciplinary fields of surgery and bioengineering. Proposed studies include basic, translational, and clinical research. Potential items for review should involve the creation or innovation of processes, devices, or materials that can significantly impact a diagnosis or treatment plan.

“I’m honored to serve on the BTSS Study Section for the NIH and will do my best to provide a thorough and appropriate review of each assigned application,” says Hardiman.

Hardiman was also appointed to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) National Surgeon Scientist Program Committee in late 2022 where she is helping to select and mentor early career surgeon scientists from across the country in a collaborative program with the NIH.

Hardiman’s primary research interests are in improving the treatment of colon and rectal cancer via basic and translational research. She has an NIH-funded laboratory studying mechanisms of metastasis and resistance to therapy in GI cancer.