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Kilimanjaro Christian Medical CentreThe UAB Department of Surgery has begun a new collaborative global surgery partnership with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC).

Through the new initiative, faculty and residents from both the UAB General Surgery Residency and KCMC will be able to cross-train internationally, while learning from each institution.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity for faculty and trainees to create career-long relationships internationally while discussing the nuances of care from a different perspective outside of our program,” says Global Surgery Equity Associate Vice Chair Lily Gutnik, M.D., MPH.

KCMC faculty will also have access to continuing education opportunities and supply access offered to UAB faculty.

This fall, KCMC Director of Surgical Services Ayesiga Herman, M.D., visited the Department of Surgery to meet with faculty and residents and participated in the UAB Global Health Symposium. During his visit, Herman and the UAB Surgery faculty discussed support for the partnership and reviewed logistics for trainee visits.

In years prior, both programs have participated in virtual grand rounds to discuss relevant cases and bolster institutional training during the pandemic.

“From leveraging virtual training opportunities to facilitating bi-directional innovation across the globe, this partnership marks the beginning of something great for all parties involved. We are excited to see the great things to come through our collaboration,” says UAB Department of Surgery Executive Vice Chair Gregory Kennedy, M.D., Ph.D.