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Order from Chaos BookFew establishments are blessed with an insider's perspective chronicling the history and evolution of its development.

Published posthumously, Order from Chaos, written by former Fay Fletcher Kerner Chair of the Department of Surgery Arnold G. Diethelm, M.D., traces the changes that led us to the UAB we know today.

From the inception of the Health Services Foundation (HSF) to the formation of the UAB Department of Surgery, Diethelm stitches together the earliest notes of the university's history to lead readers through these pivotal institutional milestones.

"We are very fortunate to have this summation of UAB's major points of growth and development," says current Fay Fletcher Kerner Endowed Chair of Surgery Herbert Chen, M.D. "The history of the beginnings of the Health Service Foundation and multi-specialty academic physicians' groups are so fascinating. May we continue to strive for excellence in the order created by our founders."

Those interested in reading Diethlem's historical recounting can purchase Order from Chaos by emailing UAB Department of Surgery Professor Emeritus William Holman, M.D.