Using Care Collaboratives to Stop Health Crises Before They Start

Often times life-threatening health problems start as small health issues that could have been avoided if healthy living interventions had begun early. As their Mid-South TCC project, the Kentucky team assembled care collaborations, working with state and local health departments, and regional and local community partners, to promote healthy living interventions at health screenings. They studied the social derminants and their effect on cardiovascular health of Kentucky citizens. Client data is geocoded, which helps the Kentucky Department for Public Health address each community's needs and their specific health challenges. 

Kentucky Community Partners

  • Kentucky Department for Public Health, Office of Health Equity
  • Lincoln Trail District Health Department
  • Sign of Dove Ministries

Kentucky-Kentucky Department for Public Health Office of Health Equity

This office works to address health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities, and rural Appalachian populations. OHE also supports a wide variety of activities and services through partnerships with health departments, universities, nonprofit organizations and private health systems.