The objective of the Pilot Program is to:
1) facilitate emerging research areas, explore new methodologies or approaches for basic and/or applied research, and facilitate transdisciplinary research among participants; and
2) mentor junior investigators with the goal of becoming independently funded thus developing a new cadre of health disparities researchers.

The long-term goal is to develop a critical mass of senior scientists and promising young investigators from multiple disciplines with expertise in the field of social determinants of health. This goal will be achieved through the following specific aims:

Aim 1 - Provide support with 2-year pilot awards for promising health disparities research projects, especially for those that have the potential to have a transdisciplinary focus;
Aim 2 - Increase the critical mass of scientists in health disparities research by providing support and resources for junior faculty and senior faculty interested in moving their research toward a transdisciplinary focus;
Aim 3 -Mentor junior faculty and develop methodologies for mentoring that can be adapted across the Mid-South Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center on Health Disparities.