Mid-South TCC Logo

The logo is an important component of the communication strategy. It provides a graphic element to identify the work being developed under the consortium.  It helps unify messages and communication channels and can become a seal of quality.

Logo explained
•    The image is an abstraction of a nest – a ‘safety net’ or  ‘ne-s-t’.  
•    The intertwined lines depict woven, interconnection = collaboration.
•    Independent lines represent various partners (independent) yet all aligned to create a true solution.  
•    The colored lines represent the colors of each of the participating universities (green=UAB; blue/red =Jackson State University, University of Mississippi, Dillard; yellow=LSU).  Other colors will be added to new partner institutions in the future.
•    The name mid-south, is positioned at the center of the nest to reflect – ‘mid’; and at the lower part of the nest to reflect ‘south’.  

This logo was selected by the members of the coalition.

Horizontal Application

Recommended for banners, websites, letterhead, brochures, etc.
Download logo:  PNG

Vertical Application

Download logo:  PNG


Please do not stretch the logo horizontally or vertically to fit in a specific space as this will distort the image.  Resize should be done only diagonally.
You may contact the Dissemination Core for help in producing any communication or promotional piece:

TCC Dissemination Core