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The UAB Comprehensive Center for MS Care has continued to expand its already extensive services with more nurses, neurologists with advanced MS training, and other staff members trained in MS care, along with expanded offerings for access to a full array of coordinated medical, psychosocial and rehabilitation services in which providers share common goals for patient outcomes. 

Both adults and children with MS are seen through the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center, which houses both the adult UAB MS Clinic and the UAB Pediatric Center for Demyelinating Disorders (CPODD). CPODD patients make a natural transition to the UAB MS Center as they transition into adulthood.

The UAB MS Center is pleased to continue to partner with the MS Society as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care as part of its collaborative effort toward ongoing progress in creating a better world for those affected by MS.

For new adult patient appointments, call Neurology Scheduling and Referrals at 205-801-8986. For pediatric appointments, call 205-996-7850. 

The UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center offers a remarkable commitment to care for people with MS and related disorders. Through the extensive services available at UAB, the MS Center is able to provide quality, comprehensive care to address the complex and varied needs of patients with MS from childhood through adulthood. Through its research and educational programs, researchers and clinicians regularly examine how and why the disease begins, how it evolves over time, and patient outcomes. The faculty and staff of the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center focus on promoting the discovery of novel treatments for MS through basic, translational and clinical research, training the next generation of scientists and clinicians about the disease, and facilitating the application of these discoveries to clinical care of patients.

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