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Impacting Multiple Sclerosis with knowledge, innovation and compassion

The mission of the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center is to foster research, clinical and educational activities in the area of neuroimmunology with an emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis. The faculty and staff of the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center focus on promoting the discovery of novel treatments for MS through basic, translational and clinical research, training the next generation of scientists and clinicians about the disease, and facilitating the application of these discoveries to clinical care of patients.

Meet Our Team of Experts

  • Khurram Bashir, MD, MPH

    Khurram Bashir, MD, MPH

    MS Clinic Director, TKC Professor
    Department of Neurology
    MS & Neuroimmunology Division

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  • Etty (Tika) Benveniste, PhD

    Etty (Tika) Benveniste, PhD

    Senior Vice Dean for Basic Sciences, Heersink School of Medicine
    Associate Vice President for Medicine and Basic Sciences
    Co-Director, UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center
    Charlene A. Jones Endowed Chair in Neuroimmunology
    Professor, Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

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  • Gary Cutter, PhD

    Gary Cutter, PhD

    Department of Biostatistics
    School of Public Health

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  • Laurie Harrington, PhD

    Laurie Harrington, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology

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  • Robert Motl, PhD

    Robert Motl, PhD

    Professor and Director of Research
    Department of Physical Therapy Co-Director,
    Exercise Neuroscience Research Laboratory
    Associate Director of Research,
    UAB-Lakeshore Collaborative

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  • Jayne M. Ness, MD, PhD

    Jayne M. Ness, MD, PhD

    Professor, Department of Pediatrics
    Director, Center for Pediatric Onset Demyelinating Disease (CPODD)
    UAB Pediatric Neurology

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  • Chander Raman, PhD

    Chander Raman, PhD

    Department of Medicine
    Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology

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    Diagnosis and Treatment

    A Visual Guide to MS

    A Visual Guide to MS

    MS can be difficult to understand, from the first sign of symptoms to diagnosis. This visual guide will help you better understand the disease and treatment options.

    What to Expect

    What to Expect

    An MS diagnosis brings with it a potentially overwhelming amount of information. This guide will help you better prepare for your first visit with your neurologist at the MS & Neuroimmunology Clinic at UAB.

    Our Research

    Studies in the Lab

    Although much progress has been made in understanding multiple sclerosis over the past decades, it is still not clear why — or how — the body begins to attack itself in the disease.

    Research with Patients

    The UAB MS Center participates in clinical trials to evaluate the safety, efficacy and long-term impact and effectiveness of disease-modifying treatments.

    Faculty Interests

    Our faculty interests span a variety of disciplines, including neurology, neurobiology, radiology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, biostatistics, immunology, glial biology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

    It is exciting to know we have a research acceleration fund that can promote new science and move us faster towards a cure for MS. The new MS Center, with an excellent manager and committed leaders, will improve collaboration across many disciplines to improve patient care and advance research projects. I hope others will join in supporting this cause.
    Community Advisory Board Member


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