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4.12.17 UAB SOM Magazine dustinmassey 6 Copy

The UAB MS Center is excited to announce the new Tanner Foundation Multiple Sclerosis Scholar program!


This new program aims to expose young neuroscientists at UAB to basic and translational approaches to Multiple Sclerosis research. Through this training pathway, graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows will be exposed to fundamental and translational immunological mechanisms of immunity and disease, and will have the opportunity to engage in focused work that contributes toward therapeutic discovery related to neuroimmunological diseases. 


Proposals for the MS Scholar Program will be accepted annually during a campus-wide application window. Both predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees are welcome to apply. The current window is now closed. 

pdfPlease review our 2020 RFA and contact the MSC Program Manager at michellebelue@uabmc.edu for more information regarding this research opportunity.

The mission of the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center is to foster research, clinical and educational activities in the area of neuroimmunology with an emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis. The faculty and staff of the UAB Multiple Sclerosis Center focus on promoting the discovery of novel treatments for MS through basic, translational and clinical research, training the next generation of scientists and clinicians about the disease, and facilitating the application of these discoveries to clinical care of patients.

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