“Tantric Dreams of a Lotus Blossom” by Price chosen for Italian festival

The work, by UAB Music’s William Price, was selected for inclusion in the two-day festival based on an international open call for works.

price1An electroacoustic work by University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Assistant Professor William Price, D.M.A., “Tantric Dreams of a Lotus Blossom,” will be presented as part of a concert series at the Spazioersetti Gallery in Udine, Italy, on May 25, 2013.

The series, “Are You Listening?” is a two-day event that will offer a selection of multi-channel sound installations and electroacoustic compositions by international artists. The program features the best proposals submitted to Spazioersetti in response to an international open call for works. Price’s work was selected from the open call.

Spazioersetti is a privately funded exhibition venue based in Udine, found in northeast Italy. It is entirely dedicated to sound and architecture. Its annual program includes exhibitions, talks and workshops led by international sound artists, curators, architects and musicians.

Another electroacoustic work by Price, “A Crime of Passion,” was included in the Sound Devices Concert series in Dublin, Ireland, on April 25.