David Mash of Berklee College of Music to speak at UAB on music tech trends

Mash will speak at the department’s Music Convocation on Oct. 8. The midday lecture is open to the public.

david mash2

Music technology expert David Mash will speak to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Music on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Mash will lecture on trends in music technology at the department’s weekly Music Convocation, set for 12:20 p.m. in UAB’s Mary Culp Hulsey Recital Hall, 950 13th St. South. Mash will present an overview of current technological developments that are impacting musicians and the field of music. The lecture is open to the public. Call the UAB Department of Music at 205-934-7376 or visit www.uab.edu/cas/music.

Mash is senior vice president for innovation, strategy and technology at Berklee College of Music. One of Berklee’s true innovators, he founded the nation’s first music synthesis department, developed the Center for Technology in Music Instruction and assisted in the design of the country’s largest networked music learning facility, the Berklee Learning Center. Mash is the author of nine books. He has also scored award-winning digital films and appeared on programs including “Newton’s Apple,” “CBS Evening News,” “3-2-1 Contact” and National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.”

The UAB Department of Music’s Music Convocation is a presentation that features visiting guest artists, scholars and technicians, as well as UAB music faculty and students. The goal is to provide exposure and experiences for students beyond the classroom and often for the broader community.