UAB partnership with Jeff State reaffirms commitment to Joint Admissions Program

The partnership will provide scholarships and a reverse transfer agreement with Jefferson State to help deserving Alabama students realize their fullest potential.

jeff stateThe University of Alabama at Birmingham has expanded its Joint Admissions Program partnership with Jefferson State Community College with two new full-tuition scholarships and a reverse transfer agreement to enable credits earned by students at UAB to count toward an associate degree at Jefferson State.

The announcement was made today by UAB President Ray L. Watts and Jefferson State Community College Interim President Keith Brown at the UAB Hill Student Center.

Jefferson State was one of four community colleges to partner with UAB in 2013. The Joint Admission Program provides automatic acceptance to UAB and a $2,000/year scholarship for students who earn an associate degree at participating institutions. It also allows students in the program to access UAB amenities and resources while enrolled in community college.

“We are very pleased with the success of our Joint Admissions Program since its inception three years ago, including support for more than 100 Jeff State students,” Watts said. “UAB’s further commitment in the form of new scholarships and a reverse transfer agreement is a positive next step in this program that is serving Alabama residents.”

Watts says the institutions are working together to help students realize their fullest potential and go on to rewarding 21st-century careers. “As a result,” he said, “we are helping our region and state to thrive in the global knowledge economy.”

“We are excited to continue the Jefferson State/UAB Joint Admissions Agreement and the expansion of additional scholarship opportunities,” Brown said. “It will provide a guaranteed seamless delivery of educational opportunities and resources that will significantly impact not only our students, but the entire workforce region.”

“UAB’s further commitment in the form of new scholarships and a reverse transfer agreement is a positive next step in this program that is serving Alabama residents.”

“This special alliance with UAB will permit our students to transfer to a wide range of academic programs and advance toward their four-year degrees with ease,” Brown said. “This partnership will also allow a greater number of students to feel confident and more prepared in making the transition from Jeff State to UAB.”

The 100-plus students admitted to UAB from Jefferson State through Joint Admissions are among more than 1,000 Jefferson State students admitted to UAB in the past three years.

Students who are not immediately eligible for traditional UAB admission can participate in a joint enrollment with Gadsden State, Jefferson State, Lawson State and Wallace State-Hanceville. While enrolled in a partner community college, the student will pursue an associate degree and have access to UAB facilities, libraries and campus events. With the reverse transfer agreement now in place, students can earn credits at UAB that can be easily transferred back to Jefferson State toward an associate degree.

Upon graduation from Jefferson State, the student can then transition to UAB, where he or she will be partnered with a team of advisers and mentors, and receive financial assistance.

Information about UAB’s Joint Admission Program, including how to apply as a transfer, is available online.