Discoveries in the making series returns Sept. 11

UAB Graduate School students will explain new research discoveries to the community during a free monthly speaker series at Ghost Train Brewery.

discoveries making streamYoung researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham will explain their discoveries in a way non-scientists can understand over coffee or beer in a series called “Discoveries in the Making” starting at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 11, at Ghost Train Brewing Company in Birmingham.

Join UAB Graduate School students and postdoctoral fellows every second Tuesday of each month at Ghost Train Brewing Company as they explain their cutting-edge research in areas including the use of art as a teaching method in science classes, how protein-creating cells called ribosomes can be manipulated to treat diseases, and understanding the role of the immune system to produce new medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Upcoming talks in the Discoveries in the Making series:

Tuesday, Sept. 11

Speaker: Cameron Postnikoff; Title: “Turning on the lights”

Summary: Postnikoff’s research focuses on inflammatory cells that accumulate on the eye during sleep. These cells are thought to help maintain the health of the ocular surface, but may also be involved in certain disease states that affect the eye.

Speaker: Maria Espinosa; Title: “Fuels from electronic waste using microwaves”

Summary: Microwave-assisted pyrolysis is a recent technique that can be applied in the production of fuels where the starting materials can be non-traditional waste, such as electronic waste. This technique could help to reduce the amount of electronics in landfills and transform the waste into useful energy.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

Speaker: Melissa Bentley; Title: “Primary cilia: Structures at the heart of development”

Summary: The primary cilium is a tiny and often overlooked structure that is present on most cells. Bentley’s research focuses on the huge role this small structure plays in heart development. Understanding the role of the cilium in cardiac development will provide important insight into congenital heart defects.

Speaker: Keyur Savla; Title: “A myopic childhood: The tale of nearsightedness”

Summary: Myopia/Nearsightedness is a refractive condition with an epidemic rise in prevalence. It is vital that we understand how it works and do our best to prevent a future where half the world suffers from myopia.

The Discoveries in the Making series is free and open to the public. A complete schedule is available online.