Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen

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Research Editor • (205) 209-2355

Communicates UAB research discoveries and initiatives from across the university for a variety of audiences.

Specific beats include: biochemistry; cell, developmental and integrated biology; microbiology; molecular genetics; neurobiology; pathology; pharmacology and tocixology; Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance; Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This method — tested in a mouse heart attack model — doubled the engraftment rate of injected stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
Researchers mapped distinct bone marrow niche populations and their differentiation paths.
This is a potential mechanistic underpinning — at least in a subset of patients — for the altered behaviors observed in autism.
“Attending the World Congress on Undergraduate Research … was the highlight of my college career.” – Saakshi Thukral
FASEB is the advocacy voice for the United States’ basic biomedical research community.
Airway fractal dimension gives added prognostic information over traditional CT scan measures in COPD.
A specialized clinic in a tertiary hospital is effective at treating patients from five states.
Jessica Scoffield, Ph.D., is the first recipient of an underrepresented faculty research fellowship.
Development of effective approaches to target these persistent leukemic stem cells is a challenge for better cancer care.
Curtis studies cognitive resilience against Alzheimer’s disease.
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