Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen

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Research Editor • (205) 209-2355

Communicates UAB research discoveries and initiatives from across the university for a variety of audiences.

Specific beats include: biochemistry; cell, developmental and integrated biology; microbiology; molecular genetics; neurobiology; pathology; pharmacology and tocixology; Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance; Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

New study identifies HIPK2 as a novel regulator of heart failure progression.
Antibiotic treatment can disrupt the gut microbiome at the strain level, with changes lasting as long as six months.
IgA nephropathy is the leading primary glomerulonephritis worldwide.

UAB undergraduate Paige Farley is one of the "rock people.” That’s the nickname from University Hospital doctors, nurses and staffers as Farley roams the teeming medical center — at any time, day or night — wearing black scrubs with the monogram “ROC, Alabama Resuscitation Center.”

These preclinical findings may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases like lupus.
The biomarker can identify beta cell death in children and adults with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes and in antibody-positive at-risk subjects before disease onset.
Beta cells in the pancreas produce the body’s insulin, and their loss or dysfunction causes diabetes.
This discovery may help treat patients with refractory thrombotic thrombocytopenic microangiopathy.
Researchers will study chemical modifications on RNA in postmortem brains.
The radioactivity of scandium 43 dwindles fast, with a half-life of just 3.9 hours.
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