Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen

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Research Editor • (205) 209-2355

Communicates UAB research discoveries and initiatives from across the university for a variety of audiences.

Specific beats include: biochemistry; cell, developmental and integrated biology; microbiology; molecular genetics; neurobiology; pathology; pharmacology and tocixology; Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance; Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Five UAB students will present at the World Congress on Undergraduate Research in Oldenburg, Germany.
Department of Biology researchers will be honored in Switzerland this summer.
This knowledge offers a strategy to target and eliminate these persistent leukemic stem cells.
The Nature – Laboratory Investigation paper was published online last year.
The androgen receptor moves into mitochondria to regulate multiple mitochondrial processes
In the SOS response, the bone marrow releases reparative progenitor cells to try to heal the heart.
The fledgling company has lab space at Innovation Depot and sponsors contract research at UAB.
Experiments with mice show involvement of gut bacteria and spleen in this heart pathology.
Selective regulation of neurons can help investigate brain development, and the mechanisms in learning and neuropsychiatric diseases.
The pilots link two powerful research entities, to focus on asthma, vaccine development and improving safety of therapeutic drugs.
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