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Daniel B. Cox, M.D.

Trauma • Surgical critical care • Trauma systems • Military medicine

John B. Holcomb, M.D.

Acute care surgery • Injury research • Trauma surgery • Military medicine • Use of whole blood

Kelly Berg, RDN

Nutrition • Nutrition education and health behaviors • Time-restricted eating  • Communication in nutrition 

Yusen Zhai, Ph.D.

 •Psychology •Mental health & social issues

Christopher Ballmann, Ph.D.

Exercise • Impact of music and nutritional supplements on performance

Michael Kase, DMD 

Maxillofacial prosthetics • Prosthodontics • Oral cancer and oncology

Akhlaque Haque, Ph.D.

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS) • Urban sprawl • Using GIS for population surveillance • Information management • Urban crime and Census data

Nicholas Onken, O.D.

Pediatric optometry • Myopia control • Contact lenses

Samantha J. Shebib, Ph.D.

Interpersonal communication •Family communication •Dark side of communication •Instructional communication •Health Communication •Advanced Statistics 

Channing Brown, M.D.

Mental health for kids and adults • Reducing weight stigma• Healthy eating and exercise for children and aduklts

Sukhkamel Campbell, M.D.

Fertility preservation • PCOS • Endometriosis • Infertility • Recurrent pregnancy loss • Reproductive surgeries • Fibroids and fertibility 

Joshua Robinson, Ph.D.

• Economics • Health Economics • Industrial Distribution 

Charles Gorman, Ph.D.

Human Resources • Leadership • Management • Organizational Development

Benjamin Meadows, Ph.D.

Economics • Environmental Economics • Economics of Education • Housing Markets • Labor Market Dynamics

Jack Howard, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management • Employee Rights • Personnel Administration • Workplace bullying and aggression

Tom DeCarlo, Ph.D.

Sales force management  • New product development • Market analysis and segmentation  • Brand management

James O. Hill, Ph.D.

Obesity • Nutrition • Metabolism • Physical activity • Weight loss and regulation • Precision Nutrition • Wellness 

Lori Bateman, Ph.D.

• Minority health disparities • Sociology • Social determinants of health

Laura Rogers, MD

• internal medicine and obesity • exercise in cancer survivors • obesity medicine and weight management

Helen Krontiras, MD

• breast disease-prevention and surgical treatments • risk assessment of breast cancer • disparities in cancer care and outcomes of breast cancer treatment

Stefanie Woodard, DO 

• breast imaging and prevention • diagnostic radiology

Elise Agostinelli, O.D.

Pediatric eye care • Child eye devlopment • Eye Injuries • Low Vision

George "Marty" Solomon, M.D.

Cystic fibrosis • Lung health research

Hope Amm, Ph.D.

Oral cancer research • Ameloblastomas • Improving oral cancer health outcomes

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