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Jonathan Wiesen, Ph.D.

Modern European History • German History • History of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust • Histories of Racism and Antisemitism • Transatlantic Relations in the Twentieth Century

TheissJonathan Wiesen, Ph.D.

Department of History

Areas of expertise: 

  • Modern European History
  • German History
  • History of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • Histories of Racism and Antisemitism
  • Transatlantic Relations in the Twentieth Century

Wiesen specializes in Modern Germany History and histories of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.  He teaches surveys of Twentieth Century European History, the History of the Holocaust, and Modern German History, as well as Western Civilization and World History.  He has published and edited books about racism, memory, and mass consumption in Nazi and post-Nazi Germany.

Wiesen is currently writing a book titled U.S. Racial Violence in the German Imaginary, 1918-1968, which explores the place of anti-black racism in the United States in German politics, travel writing, literature, and foreign policy between 1918 and 1968. Wiesen is also co-writing a textbook on Nazi Germany, which examines everyday life of Germans under dictatorship and explores the Third Reich in a transnational context in the 1930s and 1940s.

Media coverage: 


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