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Protect yourself and others from spreading viruses like the flu during the holiday season by following these tips.
UAB expert Dr. Angela Stowe shares best practices to avoid unwanted stress this holiday season.

Enjoy the holiday season while eliminating the possibilities of hazardous home fires.

Security tips on protecting your identity during online and in-store holiday shopping sprees.
The first holiday season following the death of a loved one can be tough. A UAB psychologist has some suggestions for coping.
Setting expectations and recognizing limits are keys to keeping the holidays from getting you down.
“People tend to have an all-or-nothing approach — ‘I’m either super-duper healthy or I’m just not going to worry about it,’” Kitchin said. A new study shows it’s worth it to find that middle ground.
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While popular culture proclaims the holiday season as a time of happiness, grief-stricken people can have an especially hard time balancing the merry with the mourning, says clinical psychologist Joshua Klapow, an associate professor of public health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
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UAB wellness expert offers tips on cutting calorie corners while celebrating.

Shopping is overtaking eating as the national pastime for Thanksgiving. Are shoppers being urged to gorge themselves unnecessarily?

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