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The new technology will allow for non-invasive assessments for dry eye disease and inform the development of new treatments.
Patients can receive 50 percent off frames by participating brands.
Earlier research suggests that the use of low-dose atropine drops plays a role in slowing the progression of myopia in children. However, new research co-led by experts in the UAB School of Optometry shows that may not be the case.
Swetha Ravichandran is focused on exploring novel ocular biomarkers that could help in the diagnosis of preclinical neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

To help keep your eyes healthy this summer, follow these simple tips from experts at UAB Eye Care.
The program, in its 11th year, celebrates these exceptional business leaders and their accomplishments with a seated awards dinner presented by the National Alumni Society.
Hernandez will study neuro-ophthalmic disease, which is a specialty that focuses on visual problems related to the brain.
For the first time, UAB School of Optometry students are now providing free vision services to patients at the Equal Access Birmingham clinic.
Schweitzer Fellowships have an intensive leadership component so that fellows can continue to inspire others to improve the health of those who experience barriers to care beyond their year of service.
The student’s social media campaign highlights the importance of child eye exams.
In a preclinical model, Gawne and Norton studied how adjusting visual cues may slow the progression of myopia.
Double vision is an eye condition that requires prompt evaluation by an eye care provider.  
Individuals with myopia have an abnormally elongated eyeball, which causes blurry vision at distance and stretching of the tissues at the back of the eye, leading to a lifelong risk of irreversible vision loss.
The American Optometric Association granted the associate professor this honor.
At this event, UAB Community Eye Care provides free comprehensive eye exams and glasses to qualified participants.
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