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In a preclinical model, Gawne and Norton studied how adjusting visual cues may slow the progression of myopia.
Double vision is an eye condition that requires prompt evaluation by an eye care provider.  
Individuals with myopia have an abnormally elongated eyeball, which causes blurry vision at distance and stretching of the tissues at the back of the eye, leading to a lifelong risk of irreversible vision loss.
The American Optometric Association granted the associate professor this honor.
At this event, UAB Community Eye Care provides free comprehensive eye exams and glasses to qualified participants.
Simon was nominated for this award for his efforts to increase minority enrollment at UAB School of Optometry.

The award recognizes an individual who has been a true innovator and leader in the field of contact lenses and anterior segment disease.
Minority participation in clinical trials helps better prevention, treatment and care outcomes for these groups.
The clinic will provide free vision, dental and medical services at Gadsden City High School. There are no qualifying questions, and no identification is required.
UAB Eye Care is partnering with Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice to provide free eye care and free glasses through UAB Community Eye Care.

Two students from the UAB School of Optometry were elected as leaders of the National Optometric Student Association. 

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