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Parent and UAB pediatrician Candice Dye, M.D., provides tips that can make the difference in saving a child’s life during hot summer months.
Using the correct sunscreen — especially during the summer months — is vital to help prevent skin issues now and in the future.
High school students will experience intense mock courtroom trials in preparation for pre-law studies and law school.
ArtPlay’s award-winning visual arts camps offer classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts and more. Each day offers a new discovery, and at the end of camp students will have their very own art show. Two sessions are planned.
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ArtPlay Musical Theatre campers will be introduced to musical theater with a variety of fun classes. They will learn theater games, improvisation, warm-ups, dance, vocal exercises, voice and diction, terminology, acting, and stage production, all while developing a character and rehearsing for a full staged musical production at the end of camp. 
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Taking flotation devices off children can be a scary topic, but the UAB aquatics team provides five signs to help know when your child is ready.
A pediatrician shares safety tips that parents can keep in mind as summer rages on.

Lauren Kole, M.D.

Medical dermatology • Cosmetic dermatology • Acne • Rosacea • Skin aging and prevention

Adam Gordon, O.D., MPH, FAAO 

General eye care and safety • Contact lenses in normal and diseased eyes • Medical applications of contact lenses • Ophthalmic optics

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Spending time outdoors may seem as sweet as honey, but a UAB pediatrician says sting allergies can bee a real buzzkill if you are not careful.

Jennifer Summerlin, Ph.D.

Pedagogy • Children's literature and reading • Developmental reading • Best practices in literacy • Dyslexia intervention

Keep kids moving this summer to combat obesity and improve concentration, memory and behavior.
Adam Gordon, O.D., explains how to find the best eye protection for the bright days of summer.
Cyclists should know the rules of the road and prepare before leaving home.
These three activities will get children thinking about science and math while having fun.
Summer camps can provide entertainment and many benefits for children.
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Candice Dye, M.D.

Water safety and children • Traveling with children • Infant safe sleep

Each day begins with staff (graduate students and digital forensics/criminal justice faculty) presentation to the teams of background on the case for the day; each team is assigned a case and will be taught how to research needed evidence. Staff will assess students’ core knowledge of the subject matter for the day (phishing, hacking, malware, etc.) by asking the group questions and engaging them in dialogue about the topic.
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