More jobs are offered this spring for new grads, but students still in school should prepare for the job hunt before they graduate, says Joy Jones with UAB Career and Professional Development.
Before the show, enjoy the Chad Fisher Group; Dr. John will perform a career retrospective and “The Spirit of Satch,” his Louis Armstrong tribute.
The facility consists of 10 exam rooms, two trauma rooms, CT and X-ray scans, general and vascular ultrasounds, laboratory room and additional space for expansion.
The drug "should be the standard symptomatic drug in LEMS on the basis of this study," according to Shin Oh, MD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues.
A University of Alabama at Birmingham-led research team has now found that mice that are given the lipid "Resolvin D1" after experimental heart attacks have substantially reduced amounts of inflammation and heart failure.
The study will focus on the role of beta blockers in patients with COPD, which according to UAB is the third leading cause of death in the United States and is among the most costly chronic illnesses in terms of total medical spending, missed work and disability.
Bryson Burks of Saltillo and a busload of friends prepare to head to Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate Bryson‘s Kidney Foundation with the UAB Blazers baseball team. The foundation honors Bryson‘s late dad and helps children on dialysis.
"100 Houses" is a documentary film about Birmingham's historic Norwood Neighborhood. The film was produced by UAB film students Ali Simpson and Melissa Thomas.
There is a difference between "physical activity" and "exercise training," said Gordon Fisher, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Both burn calories, but physical activity consists of nonstructured activities, such as gardening or walking the dog, whereas exercise means planned, structured and repeated activities, such as weight training or running.
Studies show that the ability to perform simple math problems, as well as handling financial matters, are typically one of the first set of skills to decline in diseases of the mind, like Alzheimer’s.
Compared with expected rates, the age- and sex-adjusted standardized incidence ratio for all malignancies (excluding nonmelanoma skin cancer) among tofacitinib-treated patients was 1.17 (95% CI 0.96-1.41), according to Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues.
The exhibition, opening May 12, will showcase 22 works by emerging sound artists from around the world.
The protective effect is achieved by reducing acute inflammation in the spleen and the left ventricle of the heart.
UAB gets $11 million grant for potential groundbreaking study of beta blockers for patients with COPD.
UAB received the Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite and Worksite Innovation Award recognition.
Students will learn about different causes and issues facing the Birmingham community and identify a cause that impassions them to write in a variety of written forms
UAB discovery gives better understanding of and potential therapies for septic shock and reperfusion injuries.
Here’s a look at the many fellowships, scholarships, honors and awards earned by the talented 2015 spring graduates at UAB.
The mathematical sciences are increasingly used to advance understanding of the causes, consequences and alleviation of obesity.
While mom Kirsten Woods was working toward an online degree at UAB from Texas, daughter Shannon Woods earned her degree on campus. They will walk together at Saturday’s commencement ceremony.
As UAB’s strategic planning process continues, top CAS priorities include undergraduate program development, and recruitment, retention and graduation; building a new College of Arts and Sciences building and renovating Campbell Hall; and growing leadership and personnel.
UAB Public Relations Council of Alabama/Public Relations Student Society of America wins chapter of the year.
Students will benefit from professional development and training while presenting at national industry conference.
UAB engineering graduates will pledge commitment to their new profession in ceremony.
The hacker wasn't specifically targeting The Red Barn's website but instead seeking out unsecured websites and seizing them to spread propaganda, said Gary Warner, a nationally known cyber expert who has assisted the FBI and companies nationwide.
Einstein's death 60 years ago was just the start of a strange journey for the most prized part of his anatomy, his brain. Stored in jars and on slides, it is still inspiring awe and scholarly research.
Wrong. Eating fat won’t make you fat, any more than eating money will make you rich.
A paper by University of Alabama at Birmingham cancer researcher Eddy S. Yang, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues has found that a significant portion of one of the subtypes — called HER2-enriched or HER2+ — has elevated expression of two proteins called PARP1 and phospho-p65.
The funding is part of the AHA's Strategically Focused Research Network on hypertension, and a team of researchers at UAB's Hypertension Center will work on population health, clinical and basic science projects, and initiating a new training program for further hypertension researchers.
Bullock will perform a selection of works by John Cage, Francis Poulenc, Modest Mussorgsky, Samuel Barber, Richard Strauss and Harry T. Burleigh.
New research shows that in some cases, what looks like strep may really be another bacterial infection with the potential for deadly complications.
As the five-year anniversary of the worst oil spill in US history passes, many important questions remain unanswered.
UAB honors students head to Dubai, Paris and Washington D.C. for national and international studies thanks to scholarships and fellowships.
See an exhibition of works by Michael Velliquette and hear a chamber music concert featuring music by Ravel and Glass at this new, free event.
The American Nurses Credentialing Center honor is the most prestigious designation a health care organization can receive for excellence in nursing and patient outcomes.
Ragland is the visual media and outreach coordinator for the Department of Art and Art History, where he also teaches photography.

UAB Girls in Science and Engineering Day to be held Saturday, May 2.

Money raised from the annual fundraiser goes toward research and scholarships in the SOO.

UAB will receive funding from the AHA over the next four years to complete projects in population health, clinical and basic science, focused on high blood pressure.

Michael Saag, M.D., spreads message from first book to TEDxBirmingham attendees; says three lessons can help enact change.

Elevated PARP1 polymerase in HER2+ breast cancer may confer susceptibility to PARP inhibitor drugs.
"Ataxia is not a single disorder but a clinical description of abnormalities in coordination. Cerebellar ataxia is a syndrome with many causes (and) is not related to a single disease."
Studies reporting on 207 advanced cancer patients and 122 of their caregivers who participated in a trial called ENABLE III revealed benefits to patients who received care soon after diagnosis versus 12 weeks later.
New research from investigators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that Corexit EC9500A, an oil-dispersal agent widely used in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, contributes to damage to epithelium cells within the lungs of humans and gills of marine creatures.
Sex is one of the most ambiguous areas in the scientific understanding of Alzheimer’s. While there are established methods of measuring memory, reasoning and the ability to dress, bathe and balance checkbooks, no widely used method exists for assessing the ability to consent to intimate relations.
Senior engineering students showcase their innovative solutions to industrial challenges.
Mixed-media, painting, photography, printmaking and ceramic works by Department of Art and Art History students will be on display at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts.
Focused, clear, concise and mistake-free: That is what career specialist Wes Lybrand recommends for new grads to craft a job-winning resume.
UAB School of Public Health research published in the journal Obesity shows seeing, hearing and smelling others’ eating foods can cause low birthweight in offspring among mice.
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