Finance graduate embarks on new “dream job” journey to make an impact during ongoing global pandemic

Viral Patel is now on a new path as a business and health care associate after a successful collegiate experience at UAB.

people.alum.2 Viral Patel is now on a new path as a business and health care associate after a successful collegiate experience at UAB. Recent University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business graduate Viral Patel will begin a new journey this summer with Kaufman, Hall and Associates, a health consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois.

He will work as a full-time associate with the firm. A native of Madison, Alabama, Patel knew UAB was the best choice for his future when he embarked on his degree in finance and medical industrial distribution.

“Through every personal and professional endeavor I have witnessed during my undergraduate career, I have cherished the collaborative and cohesive community dynamic that UAB has offered me,” Patel said.

As a first-generation student and graduate at an institution in the Deep South, Patel has navigated many obstacles to successfully complete his collegiate journey, which led to his early jump-start professionally this summer.

Patel says that, as he begins his new path, he wants his UAB community to know he is forever grateful and indebted for the mentorship he received during his four short years at UAB.

“Viral Patel has impressed us from the day he stepped onto campus,” said Andrea Pound, UAB director of Freshman Success, Collat School of Business. “He was an engaged and involved student who wanted the most out of his college experience.”

“We believe he will do the same post-grad,” said Laura Tull, UAB director of Transfer Student Success/entrepreneurship adviser, Collat School of Business. “Keep your eye out for him. He is most definitely going places, and there is no doubt in our minds that he will be a leader at Kaufman.”

Patel also shares how COVID-19 made an impact during his last year in undergrad.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought many hardships to our society as a whole,” Patel said. “For me personally, I endured a variety of setbacks and faced some of my toughest obstacles. However, I also experienced some of my most meaningful successes, such as landing a job of my dream, and personally reflecting on every positive in my four years as a Blazer.”

Patel says, through this pandemic, he has been much more intentional with every interpersonal relationship he has fostered and has rekindled a love for the city of Birmingham.

“As UAB continues to curb the effects of this pandemic, I am extremely hopeful that we can return back to a new normal soon.”

Patel says he plans to impact the future by advancing into the health care consulting field.

“I have high hopes for better understanding the intersection between business and health care, two key areas of global interest that have been amplified during the global pandemic,” Patel said. “I plan to harness a necessary skillset that will allow me to spearhead impactful initiatives to address the continual incongruencies that exist within this field.”