From classrooms to corporations: Computer science graduate makes a pioneering impact and has a promising future in technology

Moolchandani is also a DJ, which is not a mere hobby but a commitment that complements her academic pursuits in computer science as she blends her passion for both technology and music through this role.
Written by: Tehreem Khan
Video by: Jeff Myers and Mayen Ma

Neha Moolchandani, an Honors College student, came to the University of Alabama at Birmingham on the pre-medical track. Soon she discovered she was passionate about technology, robotics, machine learning and AI, and she switched her major to computer science. To further feed her curiosity and love for learning, she has a concentration in mathematics and Collat School of Business’ information systems. Moolchandani has held prestigious internships such as operations manager at Amazon, where she analyzed data, managed and led her own projects, formulated business development strategies, and built applications to ensure efficiency and long-term success.

Moolchandani has been a leader on UAB’s campus — her most notable roles include president of the Society for Women Engineers at the School of Engineering, co-founder of the Association for Computing Machinery, student adviser and teaching assistant for computer science, an Honors Ambassador, and a CAS Champion.

Moolchandani is graduating from UAB this spring while successfully advancing through interview stages with big-tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. She will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee, to begin working for Amazon full-time.