Carter elected to state’s Medical Association board

Reducing violence and health disparities in Alabama is the top priority for Hernando Carter, M.D., as he joins the state’s Medical Association Board.

hernando carter vHernando Carter, M.D., assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will serve on the Medical Association of the State of Alabama’s board. Carter was elected as an at-large member.

The position will allow him to also serve on the Board of Medical Examiners and the Alabama Department of Health. Carter says each role will serve the state in unique capacities.

“On the Board of Medical Examiners, we deal with issues of licensing, physician wellness and credentials,” Carter explained. “For the Alabama Department of Health, board members help to oversee its functions. Alabama is unique in that the Medical Association board members also sit on these boards.”

Continuing to improve the lives of Alabamians is Carter’s top priority in his new role.

“One of my personal desires is to be able to have an impact on the violence that plagues our communities and to mitigate health disparities in Alabama,” he said.

Carter has previously served on the Board of Health for the Jefferson County Department of Health.