People of UAB
“At the core, I don’t want anyone else to lose their father so early in their lifetime. That drove me at the beginning to do the work I do today.”
A UAB female student-athlete has been named a finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award, recognizing her academic, athletic, leadership and community service success.
The National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives awarded Frank Messina, DBA, with the Silver Bowl, a lifetime achievement award.
Panel member selection is based on a variety of factors, including scientific track record and experience with leading NIH-funded or other significant research efforts.
A Collat School of Business student has been recognized as a PCAOB Scholar.
UAB and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education have partnered on a grant that enables preschool educators to help their English-learning students with proven positive results.
The UAB Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency program accomplishes in one year what otherwise might take a therapist years to achieve on their own professionally.
UAB’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion received an NSF grant to help increase gender equity with UAB faculty in STEM fields.
Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, DMA, associate professor of voice and director of Opera in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be the first to hold the role of associate dean of the UAB Honors College.
UAB Medicine’s chief diversity officer has been named one of the most influential women in corporate America by Savoy Magazine.
Fields will oversee all daily operations and programming for AEIVA, as well as serve as a liaison for a variety of stakeholders on campus and in the community.
A UAB oncologist has received a Pioneering Ideas Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
A group of UAB employees are positively impacting RNICU families through yarn skills.
Olivia Affuso, Ph.D., was taken to the hospital after being stung more than 50 times by the bees.
A UAB Department of Philosophy professor was recognized for academic achievement and involvement in the community.
UAB law enforcement researcher and professor is awarded for her early academic research milestones.
A UAB professor has published a first-of-its-kind book on millennials and aging.
Worthey has been appointed to three different director positions across UAB’s School of Medicine.
Martinez was honored for outstanding service, leadership, achievement and contributions to the collegiate housing field.
“Attending the World Congress on Undergraduate Research … was the highlight of my college career.” – Saakshi Thukral
A UAB biology professor has received a grant from the Simons Foundation to research ocean microbes.
Jerry Jones illustrates resiliency and determination for people of all ages.
Martha Dawson, DNP, will serve a two-year term as the president of the National Black Nurses Association.
A UAB professor and author will host a local literary event and fundraiser for GlobalXplorer.
Karolina Mukhtar will be honored at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., with the 2019 PECASE award, a prestigious award for leadership in science and technology.
FASEB is the advocacy voice for the United States’ basic biomedical research community.
Mackinnon will lead ongoing efforts to establish the Precision Diagnostic Laboratory at UAB.
Lee will lead UAB Medicine’s Infection Prevention team.
The award will be presented at the 8th Annual Prevent Blindness Focus on Eye Health National Summit in Washington, D.C., on July 17.
Jim McClintock, Ph.D., shares insight on how changes in Antarctica are affecting Alabama and other southern states.
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