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A longer Achilles tendon generates more power, leading to greater energy efficiency and possible performance gains.

A UAB professor says access to computers propels students ahead of those who don’t use them.

UAB creates center for interdisciplinary research and development in computer, accounting and life sciences.

New research from UAB shows definitive link between a protein and cell activation; shutting both down could be a target of new treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Project has received more than $90 million since 1994 to fund prevention and treatment programs for youth and helped focus resources on minority care.

Less expensive alternative just as safe and effective as common, costly transplant drug.

A drug long used for adults with sickle cell disease could change how the disease is managed in very young children.

UAB’s Jim McClintock investigates the invasion, a bellwether of climate warming

New research from UAB suggests a way to combat the invasion and spread of tumor cells in the brain.

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