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Investigators have developed a new imaging method to enhance research into new treatments.

Sarah Parcak is featured in the February issue of National Geographic.

Julia Gohlke's proposed research topic has been funded for two years.

New study suggests reason for failure of promising therapy for acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome.

All full-time UAB faculty members and research staff are eligible to serve as principal investigators for this program.

Physical inactivity contributes to poor health, and UAB researchers have launched a study in overweight girls to better understand the risks for diabetes and heart disease.

Non-profit agencies that provide service, education or research can apply for a Benevolent Fund Independent Agency Grant now through Jan. 18.

UAB researchers report that making odd food mixtures brings drug-like emotions to binge eaters, potentially hampering treatment of eating disorders.

Novel research at UAB finds that an optimistic personality style affects the amount of pain reported by people with osteoarthritic disease.

UAB has been award a $28-million grant renewal for REGARDS, the nation’s largest study aimed at exploring racial and geographic differences in stroke illness and death.
Intensive lifestyle interventions can put Type 2 diabetes into remission, eliminate need for medication, according to a new study.

The ongoing REGARDS study finds that a 10-millimeter difference in blood pressure can make blacks three times more likely than whites to have a stroke.

The winning teams receive grant awards from $20,000 to $25,000 each, totaling $100,000.

Fouad is the first woman to receive the award.

Phillips will learn about the legislative process from health policy experts in Washington, D.C.

UAB investigators will examine new technology, including iPads, as better tools to explain research studies to potential participants.

Sarah Parcak’s remote-sensing expertise uncovered lost sites, unlocked mysteries into the success of the Roman Empire.

UAB study finds college students surfing mobile Internet while crossing street more than twice as likely to be hit or have a close call.

UAB researchers find spiritual coping a predictor of mental health in chronically ill youth; recommend clinicians assess spirituality.

Krishna is also the director of the Central Alabama High Field NMR Facility.

Goodin was one of four researchers nationally to win a grant.

Victor Darley-Usmar also directs the UAB Center for Free Radical Biology.

Prediction of skin cancer risk improved by adding family and genomic data.

UAB teachers are learning new educational standards.

He is a leading specialist worldwide in dynamics, energy and fuel efficiency, and mobility of multi-wheel drive vehicles.

Ancestors’ ability to kill parasite linked to kidney disease severity in African-Americans with lupus.

The Division of Nuclear Medicine is now the Division Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics.

Severe, system-wide inflammation kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

UAB kicks off research program to combat obesity in children with Down syndrome.

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