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These preclinical findings may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune diseases like lupus.
The highest blood pressure amplification was found in patients with uncontrolled resistant high blood pressure.
UAB researchers have found a previously unknown gene variant that appears to contribute to movement disorders.
UAB investigators have outlined the ideal cardiovascular health among American adults after the economic recession of 2008-2009.
The biomarker can identify beta cell death in children and adults with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes and in antibody-positive at-risk subjects before disease onset.
Beta cells in the pancreas produce the body’s insulin, and their loss or dysfunction causes diabetes.
This discovery may help treat patients with refractory thrombotic thrombocytopenic microangiopathy.
Finding balance through intentional movement can open a child’s eyes to a world of possibilities.
Researchers will study 400 middle-aged, overweight adults who are UAB primary care patients.
Researchers will study chemical modifications on RNA in postmortem brains.
The radioactivity of scandium 43 dwindles fast, with a half-life of just 3.9 hours.
Historically, Americans have chosen conflict avoidance over violence in property rights.
Higher employment rates cause an increase in flu incidence, according to a new study.
Injuries are the leading cause of death among children worldwide, according to a UAB expert.
This regenerative potential is lost within days after birth, which is why adult heart attacks lead to heart failure.
UAB School of Nursing professor will develop educational information that encourages healthy behaviors among African Americans to lessen their risk of developing cognitive aging conditions.
A UAB researcher has discovered how customer base characteristics affect salesperson hunting and farming performance efforts.
This method — tested in a mouse heart attack model — doubled the engraftment rate of injected stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
Research shows that young children are at a particular risk for pedestrian injuries in parking lots, and interventions should be made to decrease this risk.
A UAB oncologist’s research shows that health care clinic closures could result in an increase in Medicare spending, which could negatively affect rural communities.
Researchers mapped distinct bone marrow niche populations and their differentiation paths.
A new study found that increasing blood thinners in discharged patients with medical illness reduces their risk of blood clots.
These findings suggest that large geographic treatment disparities in high-intensity statin use after a heart attack are poorly understood and require further research and intervention.
Measuring blood pressure at home will ensure doctors are treating people who need to be treated for high blood pressure and are not starting patients on medication who may not have hypertension.
This is a potential mechanistic underpinning — at least in a subset of patients — for the altered behaviors observed in autism.
Sigrid Ladores, Ph.D., will interview 190 cystic fibrosis patients, their partners and their providers to determine the level of conservation around fertility preservation.
Adolescents with and without driving experience needed for research on distracted driving.
UAB assistant professor lands fellowship that allows her to provide expert advice on police in regard to science and technology relating to agriculture in the United States.
Research results show that an organization’s ability to successfully manage information security incidents is determined by the actions of its employees, among other factors.
Airway fractal dimension gives added prognostic information over traditional CT scan measures in COPD.
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