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UAB Biomedical Engineering brings in more NIH funding do than regional peers like Vanderbilt, Duke and others, according to data from the Blue Ridge Institute.
iNO has been used for the treatment of failing lungs, but it was also found to have antiviral properties against coronaviruses.
UAB expert Gary Warner and UAB Information Technology provide tips on how to protect yourself from cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic.
This discovery has implications in cancer, stem cell growth, and blood or neuron progenitor cell speciation.
The testing at UAB will investigate immune responses to the vaccine in mice — an important step before any Phase 1 human safety trial in patients later this year.

UAB is playing a key role in the effort to expedite clinical trials to combat COVID-19.

Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., visited UAB just as COVID-19 appeared near the NIH.

The study showed that 7.4 percent of veterans with a history of homelessness reported having an overdose in the past 3 years. Alcohol was the most commonly involved substance, but opioids and other drugs were common.

UAB researchers are now running tests and will soon have them available on a commercial platform, increasing output.

An immune reaction to COVID-19 infection called cytokine storm syndrome can be fatal to COVID-19 patients.

The study observed two diet types to test their impact on adolescents with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
In the first study of its kind, researchers identified genetic factors that can lead to a decrease in cognitive ability after a blood or bone marrow transplant.
The study uncovered bias and stereotyping when recruiting patients for clinical trials.

The tuberculosis bacteria induce increased hydrogen sulfide production by human macrophages, which increases pathogenesis.

Manipulating cellular metabolism may provide a promising therapeutic intervention in autoimmune diseases.
Telecommunicator CPR, guidance and assistance from 911 dispatchers can help 911 callers save lives.
This suggests the possibility of cross-talk that heightens pathogenesis in Type 1 diabetes.
People who spent their childhood or early adulthood in the Stroke Belt are more likely to develop cognitive impairment later, even if they have moved away.
New guidelines for operating room attire to prevent surgical site infections may be ineffective.
Influenza NS1 can bind with the cell’s RIG-I protein, blocking the innate immune response
A study of ice and fire: Research by UAB nutritional epidemiologist Suzanne Judd, Ph.D., and colleagues identified 19 foods and four lifestyle elements that raise or lower inflammation.
A UAB study of injury rates sustained by professional Ultimate players lays the groundwork for better understanding of injury risk as well as prevention strategies for the sport.

An article highlighting the importance of play in a child’s education and development selected as the 2019 Most Outstanding Article by journal.

Students are examining 60 variables, including sidewalk conditions, crosswalks, blighted properties and advertisements in four Birmingham communities.
Coronary microvascular dysfunction is a precursor to later heart disease, heart failure and possible death.
UAB orthopaedic surgeons report that the cost of orthobiologics, promising but not fully proven therapies, can vary widely across the nation.
Unsuspected genetic variation among strains of mice can surreptitiously confound data results.
This microbiome signature suggests that bacteria, or bacterial products, colonize the lungs far before birth.

Study points to a potential immediate treatment for this devastating disease.

A genomics tool can determine whether twins maintained identical gut strains, even after living apart for years.
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