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Taking flotation devices off children can be a scary topic, but the UAB aquatics team provides five signs to help know when your child is ready.
Be more sustainable this Valentine’s Day with these creative and organic gift ideas provided by UAB expert Tim Sullivan.

Think eating healthier is too expensive to try? You can enjoy nutritious foods without breaking the bank — and there are more benefits than just saving money.

Digital payments may total in the billions, but along with safety there is fraud in numbers. Gary Warner, director of Research in Computer Forensics, suggests ways to keep your money safe from scammers.
Running a marathon can be rewarding. Training for a marathon can be hard work. Here is how to do it right.
Three experts answer your questions on health, exercise and following through on your New Year’s goals.

Think green by helping to reduce the amount of waste produced by following these nine helpful tips.

By protecting yourself from the spread of bacteria, you can keep your New Year’s resolution to exercise more while also avoiding illnesses.
Lavish get-togethers with delicious treats by the sleigh-full will abound, but will that cause your waistline to bulge as well?
Teach children about hygiene and germs in the classroom and at home.
Breakouts are common, and knowing what causes them may help patients with treatment.
UAB social work professor Stacy Moak provides best practices on avoiding abduction during the holiday season and every day of your life.
UAB provides tips for healthy eating and staying active during the upcoming holidays.
When the wrong items are discarded in recycling bins, the whole lot could get sent to the landfill. Let’s work together to make sure that does not happen.
When a tragedy occurs, talking to children about what has happened can help them cope and feel secure.
A UAB admissions expert helps make the college application process less intimidating and stressful.
As the fall months approach, the potential for seasonal allergies, runny noses and sinus infections increases.
UAB School of Optometry expert explains ways to properly care of your contact lenses.
Knowing how to keep your food safe is key to enjoying your tailgate and keeping guests healthy.
Knowing if — and when — their child needs braces is key for parents.
UAB computer science experts provide advice on how to protect your personal information from mobile devices and smart speakers.
Research shows that individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder are not just war veterans, but anyone who has experienced some form of severe life trauma.
The boys of fall are back, but how your team fares this season could be the least of your worries.
For many parents, talking about surgery can be tough. UAB doctors help share tips for having these conversations.
Snoring affects nearly 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women.
Pediatricians share their summer and back-to-school safety tips for parents and teens.
Eight tips to help parents encourage healthy eating for their children.
A pediatrician shares safety tips that parents can keep in mind as summer rages on.
A UAB professor provides best practices to combat the national robocall epidemic.
Students entering kindergarten who were behind in their social-behavioral development were more likely to be held back, suspended or expelled in the future.
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