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Attention, proximity, continuity and competency are four key ways to keep everyone safe in the water this summer.
C. Allen Gorman, Ph.D., with the UAB Collat School of Business dives into how effective leadership has changed.
Learn a way to help prevent cancer with these healthy tips from a UAB expert.
UAB experts discuss changes women should be aware of as their bodies mature and what exams they should receive during different time periods.
UAB women’s health expert discusses the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression.
Commencement celebrations and photoshoots can often mean environmentally damaging waste like balloons and confetti. These easy substitutions can help everyone celebrate sustainably.
Learn how to prevent and treat some common types of outdoor injuries.
UAB internist and pediatrician provides tips on how parents can discuss weight with their children, as well as promote healthy living among their family.
Stay safe on the road when severe weather strikes by following these tips from a UAB expert.
In today’s busy world, people are inundated with information all competing for their selective attention. A UAB psychologist offers insight on how to maintain one’s focus at work and school.
UAB experts recommend activities to move children’s bodies or minds during this spring break.
A night or two of poor sleep can be normal. But if the problem persists, it may be time to seek professional advice.
UAB Hospital Chief Medical Officer Kierstin Kennedy, M.D., shares insights into health care conflict resolution that can be used in most workplaces.
UAB Sports Medicine offers some ways to make that last ski trip of the winter a safe one.
An expert in family communication and social support, Samantha Shebib, Ph.D., offers her expertise to help navigate these complicated and difficult conversations.
Learn what broken heart syndrome is, who is at risk for it, how to prevent it and more.
Hold onto your stomachs, folks. Norovirus is back and ready to spoil the party with its infamous symptoms.
Conflict can allow couples to solve problems, but dysfunctional communication with your partner could hurt their health. Social scientist of human behavior Samantha J. Shebib, Ph.D., offers ways to improve communication.  
UAB experts provide tips on how to maintain a heart-healthy diet.
Many with diabetes might get overwhelmed or experience burnout. Follow these five self-care diabetes tips from the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center to show yourself some love this February.
Whether for pool trips or beach vacations, follow these tips on how to keep children safe in and around water this spring break.
Daniel Bergman, M.D., and Lauren Kole, M.D., from the Department of Dermatology share advice on how to can take care of one’s skin.
Starting small, staying consistent and being accountable are key to setting and achieving realistic goals.
Avoid getting caught in the “happiness trap” by following these tips from a UAB expert.  
UAB Assistant Professor Katherine Meese, Ph.D., discusses her findings on workplace well-being and what leaders can be thinking about while reimagining work.
Downtown Birmingham has a pedestrian culture, and therefore, following safety tips such as using the sidewalks and limiting distractions is of utmost importance.
Watching the portion and carb content of food and drinks can help prevent blood sugar spikes this New Year’s Eve.
Workplaces can be inclusive by knowing and educating employees about the different backgrounds of their colleagues and being mindful of differences.
UAB experts discuss tips on exercising, eating healthy and avoiding additional stressors during the holiday season.
Practicing mindfulness can be the key to slowing down and savoring the season.
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