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Adults who are 65 or older are more susceptible to the heat.
Spending time outdoors may seem as sweet as honey, but a UAB pediatrician says sting allergies can bee a real buzzkill if you are not careful.
Patricia Speck, DNSc, a forensic nurse practitioner, explains the different types of elder abuse and how to tell if a loved one is being abused.
Keep kids moving this summer to combat obesity and improve concentration, memory and behavior.
Adam Gordon, O.D., explains how to find the best eye protection for the bright days of summer.
Cyclists should know the rules of the road and prepare before leaving home.
These three activities will get children thinking about science and math while having fun.
Spaying and neutering dogs can increase health and lifespan.
Summer camps can provide entertainment and many benefits for children.
Severe weather threats can cause stress for many, but how can you deal with it?
Opportunites for students to attend summer camps across campus continues to grow.
A UAB dietitian answers questions about eating disorders to raise awareness about the illnesses during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which is from Feb. 25-March 3.
Upcoming sales tax holiday weekend is a great opportunity to stock up on severe weather essentials.
It is the dead of winter, and UAB experts weigh in with valuable advice about the sunshine vitamin.
Departments across campus will begin accepting registrations as summer is fast approaching.
Many people experience mood and energy changes during winter months, but is that a real medical condition?
The flu shot is safe for both pregnant women and their unborn babies.
Public health and hospital officials encourage those who think they have the flu to call their health care provider or visit an urgent care clinic — and leave the emergency room for acute injuries and life-threatening conditions.
Smart fitness devices like watches or apps may help some people lose weight; but before you buy, make sure you understand how it works and if you are the right candidate for this technology.
Before you buy a toy or let your little ones play with a gift, make sure you consider all potential safety hazards.
UAB expert Dr. Angela Stowe shares best practices to avoid unwanted stress this holiday season.

While friends or family members may feel helpless if someone they know suffers from addiction, one UAB physician says hope can start at home.

Enjoy the holiday season while eliminating the possibilities of hazardous home fires.

Jessica Martindale’s perfect vision was quickly tested after her infant son inadvertently scratched her cornea. Thankfully, physicians at UAB Callahan Eye Hospital were there to help.
Security tips on protecting your identity during online and in-store holiday shopping sprees.
With one in four high school students’ using e-cigarettes, UAB experts want parents to be aware of vaping’s harmful effects.

New wearable health monitoring devices can help you stay informed, but should they be relied on heavily?

As part of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in November, UAB geriatricians share information about how to care for a loved one with dementia while helping them maintain their independence and dignity.
Here is a guide to finding your passion, no matter what field, from UAB transplant surgeon Jayme Locke, M.D.
Most people refrain from calling attention to an unusual bulge in their lower abdomen. But it could be a potentially dangerous condition that needs to be discussed with your doctor right away.
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