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The University Ombudsperson’s Office: A UAB Collaborative Community Resource

An ombudsperson provides confidential, neutral, impartial and independent conflict resolution assistance to UAB faculty, staff, mentored graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows (“visitors”) for university related conflicts between two or more parties. The University Ombudsperson discusses different options for conflict management, reduction, or resolution. We serve as an alternative not a replacement of other University resources for voicing concerns. The University Ombudsperson collaborates with all UAB university departments and communities.

To learn more about the University Ombuds Office's designated role at UAB, please refer to our charter or schedule a consultation with the Ombuds.

The University Ombudsperson’s office adheres to the International Ombudsman Association Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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Our Mission

The Office of the University Ombudsperson is dedicated to being a collaborative resource for UAB and seeks to offer support to conflict management, resolution, and reduction.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Ombuds

Roles & ResponsibilitiesFormal ChannelsOmbuds
Designated as a neutral
Configured as independent, out of ordinary management structures
Operates as informal entity reporting to top of organization
Makes management decisions; sets and enforces policies, practice, and rules
Provides a channel to place the organization on notice of claims against it
Maintains business records for the organization
Provides internal and external compliance reports for the organization
Accepts anonymous calls; provides anonymity Limited
Acts as a proactive change catalyst to help prevent problems
Provides data from a neutral viewpoint to top management Limited
Provides a channel to seek confidential guidance based on terms and conditions of the ombuds program and, where appropriate, on assertion of privilege
Provides off-the-record coaching for options to resolve problems and guidance to get information to the most appropriate channel in a timely manner
Allows users to maintain control and determine resolution options (except for situations with an imminent risk of serious harm or information of abuse and neglect)
Provides guidance and options for all types of work related issues