Policies FAQ

Policies FAQ

Q.    How do I find a policy or procedure in the library?

A.    There are many ways to search for a particular policy or procedure in the library. You can do a full-text search, or you can search by title, keyword, or administrative unit by clicking on Search Library on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the home page. Policies are also grouped by categories under Quick Find by Group. For instance, if you know you are looking for a human resources policy, you can click Human Resources under the Quick Find by Group section and begin your search from there.

Q.    What if I don’t know the name of the policy and can’t find what I’m looking for by using the Find By... search options?

A.    Try using the Full Text Search option under Search Library on the home page. You can customize your search by using specific words you think might be included in either the document title or document body. You can further refine your search by using additional filters that allow you to specify things like document type.

Q.    What is a university policy?

A.    A university policy is a document that states the university’s official position on a particular issue. A university policy is generally defined by the following criteria:
  • It has broad application throughout the university
  • It helps achieve compliance with applicable law and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, enhances the university’s mission, supports the UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct, and reduces institutional risks
  • It mandates action or constraints
  • The subject matter requires university president approval for policy issuance and major changes
Q.    Are documents listed in the Recently Updated Items section new policies?

A.    Not necessarily. Recently Updated Items section on the home page lists documents with updated Effective Dates. Whenever an administrative unit publishes a new or revised document, it is automatically placed in the Recently Updated Items section.

Q.    Is there a way for me to find out about new or revised policies without having to check the P&P Library?

A.    Yes. You can subscribe to an RSS feed that will send you an email whenever a document is added to Recently Updated Items. To subscribe, click on the words Recently Updated Items RSS link (the small orange box at the bottom right). Then follow the instructions to subscribe to the feed.

Q.    What is the difference between the Effective Date and the Original Publication Date?

A.    The Original Publication Date is the date that the document was first published. The Effective Date is the date that the document went into effect. For example, Policy X was originally published on January 1, 1989. It was revised January 1, 2000. The latter date is the Effective Date of publication for the current policy. 

Q.    What is the difference between Responsible Party and Administrative Category?

A.    The Responsible Party is the person, unit, or department that is responsible for the direct implementation of the policy. The Responsible Party falls under a larger Administrative Category. For example, the Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB) is the Responsible Party for its policies. CIRB is a part of Research, which is an Administrative Category.

Q.    What are the Manuals and Handbooks listed in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the home page?

A.    These are links to current PDFs of university handbooks, such as the Faculty Handbook. These links are provided so that users may print or reference an entire handbook rather than searching for a specific term.

Q.    What is the Secure Content Access under Policy User Resources?

A.    This includes documents internal to the UAB community. You may access secured content by signing in with a BlazerID and password.

Q.    How can I print a document?

A.    You can print directly from the screen by clicking File > Print on your toolbar. Since all text in the P&P Library is formatted in HTML, you can also copy and paste it into another document to print.

Q.    How do I contact the owner of a policy, and where do I call if I have a question on a policy?

A.    On each policy, at the top right, you will see the Responsible Party. Use the UAB Directory search function to locate contact information for the policy owner. You will find the UAB Directory under Quicklinks on UAB’s home page, www.uab.edu.

Q.    How do I find out more about a particular policy?

A.    One way to learn more about a particular policy is to do a full text search or keyword search using significant terms used in that policy. This will help you find related documents that could provide clarification. General questions may be sent to policies@uab.edu.

Q.    Does the UAB Policies and Procedures Library also contain forms?

A.    Currently, the UAB Policies and Procedures Library does not contain forms. To access electronic forms, such as an External Activity Request, Foreign Travel Form, or Faculty Staff Conflict of Interest Disclosure, visit www.uab.edu/uabforms.

Q.    Where do I send questions or comments about this Web site?
A.    Send comments or suggestions about this Web site to the University Compliance Office at policies@uab.edu.