Student Organization Event Policy

Student Organization Event Policy

Student Organization Event Policy discusses the regulations regarding co-sponsorship of student life programs by non-UAB groups. It also discusses regulations of sponsorship of programs or activities by student organizations.
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Subject: Student Organization Event Policy
Source of Policy: Student Affairs

I.     Introduction

All student organizations in good standing have the privilege of hosting on-campus events. On-campus events must be registered with the University through the event registration process. Registration is the sole responsibility of the student organization(s) sponsoring the event. Instructional information for event registration can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.

For the purpose of this policy, the terms listed below shall have the following meanings unless a different meaning is clearly indicated by the use of the term in the text.

  1. "Guest" shall mean a person who is invited by the student group that is hosting the social event. This includes non-UAB affiliated persons, including national/international affiliates or guest speakers/public figures.
  2. "Member" shall mean those individuals who are considered active, new members, or associates in accordance with the student organization’s constitution or by-laws.
  3. "Event" shall be defined as any on-campus activity that is organized/presented by a student organization.
  4. "Student Organization" or "Organization" means any group of students who have complied with the University’s formal requirements for registration as a student organization.
  5. "On-Campus Event" refers to any event or organizational activity hosted in a UAB building or outdoor facility. UAB Facilities (University Buildings and Outdoor Facilities) is defined as buildings and structures, grounds, sidewalks, recreation areas, and any other indoor or outdoor facilities owned and managed/controlled by the University. University buildings including their outside surfaces and surfaces associated with or connected to a University building. This excludes facilities owned by UAB but managed/controlled by UAB Health System or third-party contractors. This excludes Outdoor Areas of Campus as defined in below.
  6. Outdoor Areas of Campus: Generally accessible areas of the University's campus in which members of the campus community are commonly allowed, including grassy areas, walkways, or other similar common areas. The term does not include outdoor areas of campus to which access is restricted. Outdoor areas of campus specifically do not include any buildings, surfaces associated with or connected to a University building or other indoor or outdoor facilities as defined in these definitions. Some areas, such as UAB Mini Park and the Campus Green may be reserved and are then considered in this policy as an Outdoor Facility; otherwise, these areas when unscheduled are considered Outdoor Areas.
  7. "UAB" or "the University" refers to the University of Alabama at Birmingham as an institution.

II.     Events Requiring Security

Events that include one or more of the following may require the presence of an advisor and/or security:

  • Event participation is expected to exceed 75 participants
  • Venue capacity exceeds 75 participants
  • Alcohol is being served
  • The event has potential to cause traffic congestion
  • Potential health and safety hazards associated with event participation
  • Event is open to the public

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership does not in its sole discretion require security for on-campus events or provide recommendations on the number of security personnel needed for on-campus events that meet the above criteria. The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership will make the determination if an advisor will need to be present and require a security consultation based on the criteria above. Security consultations should take place with the UAB Police Department through the process outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.

III.     UAB Co-Sponsored Events

Student organizations are permitted to work with non-UAB affiliated organizations for the co-sponsorship of programs and activities. The following stipulations must be followed when a registered student organization is considering co-sponsorship of a program or activity with outside groups:

  • Co-sponsored events must be registered and approved through the event registration process.
  • Co-sponsorship must be clearly designated as such through the event registration process.
  • All promotional materials should identify the co-sponsorship of the program and list all sponsoring organization(s) names.
  • Representatives of the student organization must be present throughout the duration of the program or activity.
  • All organizations, both UAB affiliated and unaffiliated, must adhere to all UAB rules and regulations. The student organization shall be held liable for the activities of the non-UAB affiliated group(s).

The University may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of registered events allowed to take place at a given time on campus. In instances where multiple events are registered and the University deems it necessary to limit the number of events, approved events will be permitted in the order they were registered.

IV.     Free Speech and Use of UAB Facilities

The University has a significant interest in protecting the educational experience of its students, in ensuring health, safety, and order on its campus, in regulating competing uses of its facilities and grounds, and in protecting the safety and wellbeing of those with the right to use its facilities and grounds to engage in protected speech, among other significant interests. The University is committed to free and open inquiry and expression for members of its community — including registered student organizations. All registered student organizations are expected to comply with the Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy.

Outdoor Areas of campus are available for non-amplified spontaneous express activity by registered student organizations at any time without the need for reservations or prior approval, unless the space is already reserved. Registered student organizations are permitted to assemble and engage in spontaneous expressive activity as long as such activity is lawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the University. Although not required, to further the effectiveness of the unscheduled use of outdoor areas of campus, students and registered student organizations are encouraged to contact Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and provide notification about the activity. Advance notification enables the University to help ensure that the activity does not conflict with a reserved or scheduled use, takes place in a constructive manner, the event is effective, to safeguard the participants’ safety, and to assist organizers in seeing that the activity does not disrupt the University’s educational activities and essential processes.

V.     Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the above policy and the Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy may result in the loss of privileges and/or revoking of registration and active status for the student organization.