Student Organization Promotion and Advertising

Student Organization Promotion and Advertising

Student Organization Promotion and Advertising policy discusses regulations regarding advertising by student organizations on and off campus and it outlines regulations regarding the use of sidewalk chalk on UAB surfaces.
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Subject: Student Organization Promotion and Advertising Policy
Source of Policy: Student Affairs

Regulations relating to posting of materials apply to all Registered Student Organizations, University-funded Student Organizations, and Recognized Fraternities and Sororities.

I.     Promoting and Advertising “On-Campus Events” Both On-Campus and Online

Students and student organizations are permitted to advertise and promote on-campus events that have been approved through the event registration process through postings in designated locations in on-campus facilities and online through organization websites, online calendars, and social media. Students and student organizations must follow these regulations when promoting and advertising on-campus events. Failure to do so will result in the removal of all promotional materials and subject the student and/or student organization to appropriate disciplinary action.

  1. All promotion and advertising materials must include the following information:
    • Name of sponsoring student organization
    • Contact information for sponsoring student organization or individual
    • Date of event/activity
    • Time of event/activity
    • Location of event/activity
  1. Publicity and promotion of events where alcoholic beverages are being served should emphasize the nature of the event and not alcoholic beverages.
  2. Publicity or promotional materials may not include content that constitutes unlawful harassment based on race, sex, or other protected characteristics, threats, incitement to violence, or obscenity.
  3. Buttons, T-shirts, and other publicity items should follow the University’s branding guidelines when the University’s name or logo is utilized.
  4. Fliers and other publicity may only be placed in the designated locations identified for each campus facility. They may not be attached to interior walls, doors, windows, over-hangs, exterior walls, fences, utility poles, waste receptacles, signs, signposts, trees, or shrubbery.
  5. Students and student organizations creating and maintaining digital mass communications or digital content are responsible for ensuring the content does not constitute a copyright or trademark infringement and must not otherwise violate any applicable laws or UAB policy, including but not limited to the Discriminatory Harassment policy and the Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities policy. The display of banners on any academic building is not generally permitted. Any exceptions must be approved by the area responsible for that facility.
  6. When an event is co-sponsored, the co-sponsorship must be clearly listed on all promotional materials.
  7. The University reserves the right to review event information posted on a University owned platform to ensure it meets the above criteria.