Student Organization Registration Policy

Student Organization Registration Policy

Student Affairs policy outlines the types of student organizations, criteria for recognition of organizations and the conditions of maintaining Recognition for Student organizations.
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Subject: Student Organization Registration

I.     Types of Student Organizations

UAB’s student organization community is composed of a variety of organization types. Regardless of the type, all student organizations are required to register their organization to be in good standing and receive the rights and privileges of a student organization at UAB. Student organizations are asked to answer a series of questions through the organization registration process that will allow the University to classify them appropriately within the scope of this policy. The following types of organizations may register:

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)
A Registered Student Organization is a club or organization whose membership is composed of UAB students. RSOs are created by students and supported by a voluntary faculty/staff advisor, as well as student governance. The University supports the creation of RSOs whose purposes and activities enhance the social, cultural, recreational, and educational functions of the University. There are three types of RSOs:

Undergraduate Student RSO
An Undergraduate Student RSO is a club or organization whose membership is primarily composed of UAB undergraduate students actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate Student RSOs are created by students and are not financially reliant on a University department. Undergraduate Student RSOs are required to participate in all registration and re-registration processes to maintain active status.

Graduate/Professional Student RSO
A Graduate or Professional Student RSO is a club or organization whose membership is composed of UAB students actively pursuing an advanced degree. Graduate or Professional Student RSOs are created by students and are not financially reliant on a University department. Graduate and Professional Student RSOs are required to participate in all registration and re-registration processes to maintain active status.

Club Sport RSO
Club Sports RSOs are registered student organizations that have been approved by University Recreation as a competitive club sport organization. Club Sports membership is composed of UAB graduate and undergraduate students. Club Sport RSOs are required to participate in all registration and re-registration processes to maintain active status.

University Funded Organizations
A University Funded Organization is a club or organization whose membership is composed of UAB students and is directly supported through a University department or division. The University Funded Organization’s purpose aligns with that of the department or division and is directly advised and financially supported by that unit. University Funded Organizations are required to participate in all registration processes in order to remain in good standing with the University. University Funded Organizations should follow the procedures in the Student Organization Handbook for their organization management.

Social Fraternity and Sorority Organizations
Fraternal Organizations recognized by the University fall under one of four governing councils: the College Panhellenic Council (CPH), the Interfraternity Council (IFC), the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), or the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). Social and academic fraternities that are not a member organization of one of the four governing councils may register as a student organization, but will not be recognized and able to participate in formal recruitment and intake processes through Fraternity & Sorority Life. Fraternities and Sororities are required to participate in all registration and re-registration processes and must meet any additional criteria outlined in the Fraternity & Sorority Life Handbook to maintain active status.

II.     Criteria for Registration of Student Organizations/Privileges and Registration

Any group of students that meets regularly, elects officers, collects dues, or produces/sponsors a program, or functions in other ways consistent with the functions of an organization, is required to seek official UAB approval through the registration process. These groups must be recognized by the Division of Student Affairs to function as a student organization at UAB. Registration is a means by which student organizations may receive standard privileges granted when certain minimum requirements are met.

III.     Criteria for Registration of Student Organizations

Student organizations must meet the following criteria to be approved through the student organization registration process:

All student organizations, as defined above in Section I, shall be open to any student who meets membership requirements. Membership in the organization shall be limited to currently enrolled UAB students. Organizations that choose their memberships on the basis of restrictive clauses dealing with race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, disability unrelated to program performance, veteran status, or genetic or family medical history are not permitted to function at UAB.

An organization must represent the interests of the members, and the control of the organization must be within the local campus group. Student organizations must have at least five (5) members who are current UAB students. These members should be documented and confirmed through the student organization registration process each semester. Student organizations are responsible and liable for the conduct and actions of each member of the organization while acting in the capacity of a member or attending or participating in any activity of the organization. Student organizations that have filed and been approved for a Title IX exemption are permitted to retain their same-sex membership status. Any student organization that does not meet the criteria for membership will be denied registration.

Registration of student organizations by the Division of Student Affairs and UAB shall not imply support for any student organization’s purpose, philosophy, or activity. UAB will not assume any legal liability for activities of student organizations. Upon registration, student organizations are deemed private, voluntary associations and are not official UAB components.

No student organization shall use the name, seal, or symbol of UAB in its name in any manner, except in accordance with the following:

  • RSOs may list their name as [insert organization name] at UAB. “UAB’ must be stated in acronym form and the name of the RSO cannot begin with “UAB”.
  • RSOs may not use the Core University Logo but may create their own. When doing so, RSOs should ensure the following:
    • Visual identities for RSOs may not replicate the logo lockups of official university schools, colleges, or VP-level units.
    • A registered mark should always appear when writing the University acronym in text.
    • The UAB monogram may not be incorporated into the RSO’s unique logo.
  • University Funded Organizations may use the Core University Logo or create their own. Such use, however, must align with the standards set forth for University Funded Organizations by UAB University Relations.

Additionally, a student organization may not use a name which is the same as another current RSO The name of the student organization must be consistent on all organization documents and materials including, but not limited to the organization’s constitution, social media accounts, and print promotional materials. Any student organization that does not meet the criteria for naming will be denied registration.

Constitution, Goals, and Objectives
The student organization may not (a) have illegal goals and objectives; (b) advocate or support the overthrow of the United States government; (c) propose or participate in activities which would violate regulations of the Board of Trustees, UAB, or federal, state or local laws and regulations; or (d) disrupt, interrupt, or interfere with UAB missions, activities, processes, and functions, including discipline; e) substantially interfere with the protected free expression rights of other members of the campus community ; or (f) advocate enticement of imminent lawlessness which may produce such action referred to in (c) above.

The purposes, policies, and objectives of a student organization must not conflict or compete with the educational goals and functions of UAB. Registration may be denied to a student organization whose purpose falls within the scope of a currently established RSO. Student organizations are required to create and maintain an organizational constitution that must be submitted as a part of the registration process. The organization’s constitution must include the current UAB Non-Discrimination Policy. See the Student Organization Handbook for guidance on how to incorporate this policy into the organization’s constitution. Any student organization that does not meet the criteria for constitution, goals, and objectives will be denied registration.

Student organizations are required to have a faculty/staff advisor. The advisor must be a full-time faculty or staff member at UAB. UAB Hospital personnel cannot serve as a student organization advisor. National headquarters, national organization staff, or paid campus ambassadors cannot serve in place of a faculty/staff advisor. The faculty/staff advisor should be added to the organization’s roster during the registration process and must complete the verification process before the organization’s registration can be approved. Procedural information for the advisor verification process can be found in the Student Organization Handbook. Any student organization that does not meet the criteria for the faculty/staff advisor will be denied registration.

Orientation & Training
Student organizations are required to have representation at physical and/or virtual training activities to maintain active registration status.

UAB is not responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property resulting from the activities of student organizations or for any debts or liabilities incurred by such organizations. For additional procedural information, please see the Student Organization Handbook.

IV.     Free Speech and Use of UAB Facilities

The University has a significant interest in protecting the educational experience of its students, in ensuring health, safety, and order on its campus, in regulating competing uses of its facilities and grounds, and in protecting the safety and well-being of those with the right to use its facilities and grounds to engage in protected speech, among other significant interests. The University is committed to free and open inquiry and expression for members of its community — including RSOs. All RSOs are expected to comply with the Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy. Failure to do so may result in the organizations loss of registered status and corresponding privileges.

Outdoor Areas of campus are available for non-amplified spontaneous express activity by RSOs at any time without the need for reservations or prior approval, unless the space is already reserved. RSOs are permitted to assemble and engage in spontaneous expressive activity as long as such activity is lawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the University. Although not required, to further the effectiveness of the unscheduled use of outdoor areas of campus, students and RSOs are encouraged to contact Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and provide notification about the activity. Advance notification enables the University to help ensure that the activity does not conflict with a reserved or scheduled use, takes place in a constructive manner, the event is effective, to safeguard the participants’ safety, and to assist organizers in seeing that the activity does not disrupt the University’s educational activities and essential processes.

V.     Privileges of Being a Registered Student Organization

The following standard privileges are granted to all student organizations that are approved through the registration process:

  1. Ability to reserve space in designated facilities that allow RSOs to reserve space.
  2. Ability to reserve space in outdoor facilities or outdoor spaces that allow RSOs to reserve space when reservations are required for the use of outdoor facilities and outdoor spaces. See Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy
  3. Ability to host on-campus events and activities that have been approved through the event registration process (this includes tabling events in facilities and spaces that allow tabling)
  4. On-campus advertising – see the Student Organization Promotion and Advertising Policy.
  5. RSOs may request an on-campus mailbox. For details on how to apply for a mailbox see the Student Organization Handbook.
  6. Ability to request and reserve limited equipment available to student organizations. For details on available equipment and procedures for requesting equipment, see the Student Organization Handbook.
  7. Ability to participate in organization fairs including, but not limited to, involvement fairs, academic and student services expos, etc.
  8. Ability to request funding from the Undergraduate Student Government Association and Graduate Student Government depending on makeup of membership.

VI.     Conditions of Maintaining Registration for Student Organizations

Student organizations should maintain the criteria for registration included in Section II at all times to maintain active status. UAB will review compliance with this criteria every fall during the registration and re-registration period. Student organizations must complete re-registration every fall and a roster update every spring.

Registration status is contingent upon the student organization’s compliance with the following conditions throughout the academic year following initial registration and/or re-registration:

  1. Maintain a minimum of five (5) organization members at all time.
  2. Maintain a current roster within the electronic organization management platform and complete the required roster update each spring semester.
  3. Remain in compliance with all UAB rules and regulations, as well as federal, state, and local laws.
  4. Properly register all on-campus events and activities through the event registration process and, if applicable, the UAB Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy.
  5. Disclose through the student organization registration process any organization owned or leased property. Pursuant to UAB policy, no lease or other agreement affecting real property for a period in excess of one year or for rental in excess of $12,000 per year shall be entered into between UAB and an organization without the approval of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees or their designees.
  6. Meet the minimum requirement for participation in student organization required trainings (Note: University Funded Organizations, Graduate RSOs, and Professional School Student Organizations may be exempt from participating in some required trainings).

VI.     Policy Violations

Organizations which violate UAB policies, procedures, regulations, directives and guidelines are subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Conduct Code. Disciplinary action will be determined by the Office of Student Conduct in partnership with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership. Such action may include, but not be limited to:

  • Limitation of Privileges
  • Social probation for the organization
  • Temporary suspension of the organization’s events and activities
  • Removal of active status of the organization
  • Community service hours