Faculty Handbook-2.19 Grievances (other than appeals)

Faculty Handbook-2.19 Grievances (other than appeals)

This section of the Faculty Handbook describes the policy for filing a grievance.
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2.19 Grievances (other than appeals)

This grievance section does not apply to instances covered by Appendix B, Appendix C, or other sections of this chapter. Termination for cause (see Appendix B) or termination due to bona fide financial exigency, bona fide financial crisis, or academic program/unit closure (see Appendix C) supersedes the Faculty Grievance Procedures.

A faculty member with a grievance relevant to his or her position as a UAB faculty member should file a written complaint and should seek solution of the problem through the appropriate department chair or dean. Thus, each school and library may develop and disseminate to its faculty a clear description of the unit’s grievance procedure. If unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution at the school or library level, following established school or library procedures, the faculty member may then file a written grievance with the Provost. Upon receipt of a written grievance, the Provost will review the grievance and will determine a course of action as appropriate. The grievance procedure is described in Appendix A of this Handbook.

It is not within the purview of a grievance committee to make any judgment regarding professional qualifications of the grievant. This responsibility is vested in the department, school, or library peer groups; academic administrators; and consultants used by department, school, or library peer groups. Decisions related to professional qualifications and performance with which the faculty member does not agree are to be resolved in accordance with the Appeals Procedure.

The Provost shall report quarterly to the chair of the Faculty Senate the status of new and continuing Grievances and Termination for Cause cases during the reporting period.