Faculty Handbook-4.2 Vacation Policy

Faculty Handbook-4.2 Vacation Policy

This section of the Faculty Handbook discusses vacation benefits for UAB faculty members.
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4.2 Vacation Policy

Vacation credit for full-time faculty on twelve-month appointment is earned at the rate of 1.833 days per month for a maximum accrual of 22 working days of vacation per year. Faculty members on nine-month appointments do not accrue vacation credit. Faculty with nine-month appointments and vacation days accrued prior to August 2013, retain the existing bank of accrued vacation days until used or paid.

A maximum of 44 days’ vacation credit may be accumulated by full-time faculty with twelve-month appointments. Once the 44 days’ credit has been accumulated, the faculty member may continue to accrue non-reimbursable vacation credit, which will be transferred to sick time credit if not taken during the calendar year of accumulation.

Faculty who are part-time regular employees earn vacation on a prorated basis of percent of FTE. Part-time faculty who are non-regular employees do not accrue vacation.

Faculty members are not required to complete their initial six months of employment before being allowed to take accrued vacation.

Vacation records for all faculty who are eligible to accrue vacation are maintained in accordance with university policy for managing and tracking benefit time accruals.

Upon termination, faculty with a nine-month appointment (for accrued vacation prior to August 2013) or a twelve-month appointment may receive pay for unused accrued vacation which does not exceed the maximum of 22 days. The vacation accrual record must be included with the termination documentation and must indicate the number of unused vacation days for which the faculty member is to be paid.