Tenure Review

Tenure Review

This section of the Faculty Handbook describes the review process for tenure, including the notification of the faculty member.
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2.15.8 Review for Award of Tenure Departmental and School, College, or UAB Libraries Committee Review Review and Decision of Dean Notification of Faculty Member Non-award of Tenure Because of Changes in Program Priorities


2.15.8 Review for Award of Tenure Departmental and School or Library Committee Review

Review for the award of tenure begins with a departmental committee or, in its absence, a school-wide committee. Committees must be formed in accordance with procedures outlined in this Handbook. The faculty member shall take whatever action is required to begin the initial review. The recommendation of the departmental committee, together with the recommendation of the department chair, shall be forwarded to the dean who must refer it to the appropriate school, college, or UAB Libraries committee for review. The school, college, or UAB Libraries committee shall forward its recommendation to the dean.

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The dean shall notify the school, college, or UAB Libraries committee, the department chair, the department committee, where appropriate, and the faculty member of his/her decision.

If the dean’s decision is recommendation for tenure, the recommendation with supporting documentation will be sent to the Provost. The provost review is based on the criteria from the academic unit in which the faculty member is based. If the Provost does not concur, the Provost shall notify the appropriate dean who shall, in turn, notify the appropriate parties.

If the dean’s decision is not to recommend tenure, the faculty member may appeal according to the process outlined in this Handbook.

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The Provost shall notify in a timely manner each candidate recommended by the dean concerning the award of promotion and/or tenure. Appropriate deadlines will be set by the Provost to allow each department or school adequate time for consideration, including actions by the President. Each involved faculty member shall receive prompt official notification prior to the release of public information concerning promotion or the award of tenure. The dean shall inform the faculty member in writing of the reasons for not awarding promotion and/or tenure if the dean did not forward a positive recommendation to the Provost. The Provost shall inform the faculty member in writing of the reasons for not awarding promotion and/or tenure if a negative decision is made by the Provost. If the Provost recommends awarding promotion and/or tenure, the President will notify the faculty member in writing.

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Although an individual faculty member may meet the criteria for the award of tenure, a decision to deny tenure may be based on considerations of curriculum, enrollment, finances, or other program factors not prevalent or predictable at the time of original appointment.

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