Campus Card Production and Issuance - Student Affairs (Policy XIV-02)

Campus Card Production and Issuance - Student Affairs (Policy XIV-02)

Student Affairs Policy XIV-02 describes the Campus Card Program. Included in the document is information on cardholder eligibility, Campus Card acquisition, and restrictions of use.
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The UAB CampusCard is the official University student ID card. The CampusCard program supports the mission and vision of the University by enhancing the overall college experience through access to a variety of services, including but not limited to admission to athletic events, access to the UAB Campus Recreation Center and intramural sports, discounts to a variety of community events, and utilization of student dining plans and UAB libraries. University employees and authorized affiliated individuals may procure a CampusCard for access to the Campus Recreation Center, UAB libraries, and copying and printing services on campus. The CampusCard also functions as a declining balance card for purchases at a variety of on and off-campus dining and retail locations.


  1. The UAB CampusCard is the property of UAB and must be returned to University officials upon request.
  2. The CampusCard is non-transferable. Cards in possession of anyone other than the cardholder may be confiscated and turned in to the CampusCard office.
  3. The CampusCard office will attempt to notify cardholders immediately when lost or stolen cards are received by the CampusCard office.
  4. Unauthorized use, tampering, or alteration of a UAB CampusCard may result in disciplinary action.
  5. The University will not charge the cardholder for use of the CampusCard.
  6. The UAB CampusCard does not replace the UAB employee ID card or the ID card issued to students in UAB's professional schools (School of Medicine, Dentistry or Optometry).
  7. A photo ID is required for individuals 18 years and older to procure a CampusCard.
  8. All CampusCard photos are head and neck only, face-front (a basic DMV/passport style photo). No “silly” or otherwise different poses, faces, gestures, etc. are allowed by the subject of any CampusCard photo. No hats (except for head coverings required for religious purposes) or foreign objects are allowed in photos.
  9. All UAB students are eligible for a CampusCard. A student is defined as an individual who is currently enrolled, pre-registered for an upcoming term or newly accepted to the University (for new student orientation purposes). Foreign exchange students are an exception to this rule and are classified as students.
  10. All UAB employees are eligible for a CampusCard. Employees can be issued a card by the CampusCard office or can elect to have their Physical Security issued employee ID/access badge encoded with their CampusCard account information.
  11. Individuals who are not students or employees (hereafter referred to as NonUAB) who may require access to one or more CampusCard privileges are:
  • Employees of UAB affiliate organizations ex. HSF
  • Retirees and adjunct faculty
  • Household members of students/employees
  • Alumni
  • Visiting students (not enrolled at UAB)
  • Visiting faculty/researchers (not employed by UAB
  • Camp/Conference Participants
  1. The majority of students receive their CampusCard during new student orientation. Transient students, graduate and professional students and other individuals not attending new student orientation can obtain their CampusCard in Hill University Center room 158 during regular hours of operation.
  2. Student and employee CampusCard accounts are created automatically via upload from the University Banner and Oracle systems. Changes to name or other demographic information must be made through these systems and will automatically update in the CampusCard system.
  3. NonUAB accounts are created manually by CampusCard staff. A completed CampusCard Request form signed by an agent of an authorized UAB department is required to issue a CampusCard to a NonUAB individual. Copy of request form is attached to this policy statement.
  4. There is no charge for a student’s initial CampusCard.
  5. There is a $3.00 charge for the initial CampusCard for UAB employees (also applies to encoding employee ID badge) and all individuals requiring CampusCard services associated with Academic or Student Affairs.
  6. In the event that the CampusCard office is commissioned to produce cards for a UAB entity for use other than Academic or Student Affairs or for an entity outside the University, the card production cost will be $5.00 per card.
  7. Replacement cards for students absent from the University for one year or longer who are required to reapply and for students who have graduated and are now enrolled in a graduate or professional program are issued at no cost to the student.
  8. Replacement cards for individuals who require a new card as a result of theft are issued at no cost to the individual if, and only if, the individual submits an official police report to the CampusCard office at the time the replacement card is produced.
  9. Replacement cards for nonfunctioning cards due to normal wear and tear will be issued at no cost to the individual. A CampusCard employee will inspect the card and determine if card malfunction is due to long term use or damage.
  10. Replacement fee for traditional CampusCards for students with uninterrupted enrolment (within the last year) and for all other cardholders for damaged or lost cards is $15 and is due at the time the replacement card is issued. The CampusCard Office accepts payment by credit/debit card and BlazerBucks. Replacement card payment by cash or check can be made through Student Accounting Services.
  11. Replacement fee for CampusCards also functioning as housing access cards for students with uninterrupted enrolment (within the last year) is $15 for damaged cards and $50 for lost cards. The $15 damaged card fee is due at the time the replacement card is issued and can be paid to the CampusCard office by credit/debit card or BlazerBucks or to Student Accounting Services by cash or check. The $50 lost card fee will be posted to the student account by Residence Life and can be paid online through BlazerNET or in person in Student Accounting Services.
  12. Each subsequent CampusCard issued has a unique card number. Only the active card will access the cardholders account information. Once a card number has been retired the associated card will cease to function and cannot be “reactivated.”
  13. If a cardholder believes their CampusCard has been lost or stolen, the cardholder should freeze their account activity online or report at once such loss or theft to the CampusCard Office. The University is not liable for card usage by unauthorized individuals prior to freezing account activity or the report of a lost or stolen CampusCard.