Student Organization Publication Distribution Racks - Student Affairs (Policy VII-044)

Student Organization Publication Distribution Racks - Student Affairs (Policy VII-044)

Student Affairs policy VII-044 outlines regulations regarding the use of student organization publication distribution racks.
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Policy Number: SA VII-044
Policy Date: Original Policy


Subject: Student Organization Publication Distribution Racks

As a continuing support service to student organizations, the Office of Student Life offers use of a limited number of free standing publication distribution racks in the following designated locations:  1) Hill University Center Lobby; 2) University Commons Lobby; 3) Campus Recreation Center Lobby.  The exact location of these racks will be determined by the specific building administrator so that facility functions may be maintained.  The purpose of these racks is to assist official campus groups in their attempt to distribute flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc. to the student body.  Note:  This policy does not regulate the current fixed display racks at the HUC Information Desk/Fourth Floor.

Because of limited space/availability, the selection/assignment of these racks will be a lottery system.  Organizations eligible for consideration must meet official recognition guidelines by the Office of Student Life through the Office of Student Involvement, HUC 440.  The deadline to submit (to Student Involvement) a group name for the lottery is by the first full day of classes of the semester.  All those requesting a rack by the first day of classes will be eligible. Distribution racks will be assigned by random selection for a period of one semester extending through the last day of final exams of that semester.   Should there be an unmet need for these racks after the lottery, a first-come first-serve list will be created in case they become available during the year.

In return for the use of this rack, the organization is expected to make full use of this privilege.  Groups are responsible for keeping their material orderly, up-to-date, and properly maintained.  The Division of Student Affairs will not be responsible for stolen items or material not removed by the end of the stated time period for occupancy.  These racks will be purchased and maintained by Student Involvement in HUC 440.  Groups may not provide/use their own racks.

Student Life reserves the right to remove an organization/committee which does not make proper use the rack.