Prospective Employee Travel

Prospective Employee Travel

Prospective Employee Travel

Reasonable transportation, meals, and lodging travel costs may be reimbursed for a prospective faculty/staff member (i.e., employee "recruits") and for his/her accompanying spouse invited by UAB to come to the University for recruiting purposes.

If properly handled, IRS regulations permit such costs, either paid to or on behalf of the prospective employee, to be excluded from the individual's taxable income. Expenses for sons, daughters, or other relatives or associates of the prospective employee will not be reimbursed.

Except for the special airline ticket requisition and hotel PO procedures referenced below, prospective employees who come to UAB at our invitation should be informed that they will be responsible for their travel expenses incurred in connection with their interview trip to UAB. Reimbursement to the individual prospective employee (to the extent otherwise permitted by policy) may be made for such cost after the trip.

Prospective employees who come to UAB must request travel reimbursement after the trip. An Oracle Payment Request should be used to reimburse prospective employees for travel costs incurred. Original receipts are required for all expense reimbursement items (other than reasonable cash tips).

The following applies to travel reimbursement for Prospective Employees. Items not addressed below follow the same guideline as Employee Travel.

Because recruits are not yet UAB employees, they are not subject to intra-state perdiems. Instead their meal reimbursements must be based upon actual incurred costs. Reimbursements for private car mileage must be based upon the federal mileage rates.

Prospective employees cannot be reimbursed for alcoholic beverages or alcohol-related costs under any circumstances.

Adventure Travel
The UAB Airline Ticket Requisition process may be used to obtain an airline ticket for a prospective employee or a prospective employee's spouse (where policy permits) through the UAB Travel Center.

Specially worded Purchase Order Requisitions may be issued to secure a room at some local hotels for prospective employees and prospective employees' spouses. For written instructions on the proper use of this special Hotel PO procedure and a listing of the hotels that have entered into contracts with UAB, see the Procurement website.

Internet Usage
Internet use can be reimbursed with a statement indicating the business purpose.