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Travel - Airline Ticket

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Airline Ticket

The UAB Airline Ticket Request should be used to obtain an airline ticket associated with UAB business travel by employees, prospective employees, prospective employee spouses, or volunteers (but not independent contractors) through the UAB Travel Center.

If an employee chooses to purchase an airline ticket for his/her UAB-related travel other than by using the UAB Airline Ticket Requisition form through the UAB Travel Center, the employee must purchase the ticket personally and then apply for reimbursement after the trip. Employees should not personally purchase tickets for someone else.

First/Business class airfare is generally unallowable, unless documentation is attached justifying that it was necessary for medical reasons or because reasonable alternatives were clearly not available.

If the UAB Airline Ticket Request process is not used, travelers must include the following documentation when submitting the employee travel reimbursement request.

  • Original receipt demonstrating that the traveler, not UAB, purchased the ticket
  • The airline's or travel agency's trip itinerary confirmation or invoice indicating the traveler's name and the fare/cost along with the applicable flight numbers, departure and destination cities, dates, and times.

Note: If an employee's airline ticket has already been funded by UAB using the UAB Travel Center's Airline Ticket Requisition process, then the employee must not request reimbursement for that fare on his/her travel voucher form. In such cases, the employee should list the cost of the ticket as part of accounting for the total cost of the trip, indicate that it was acquired through the UAB Travel Center's Airline Ticket Requisition process, and show that amount as a prepaid cost.

Personal airline or railroad travel insurance (such as life insurance, disability insurance, ticket cancellation, etc.) are unallowable costs.

Per a ruling by the State Attorney General, UAB may reimburse an employee for a ticket purchased in anticipation of his/ her UAB business travel but not used, when the reason for advance purchase was to secure an airline discount, if and only if the trip could not be completed due to conflicting UAB business or a compelling personal reason, i.e., illness or death in the employee's family. Similarly, if a trip's itinerary must be changed due to conflicting UAB business or a compelling personal reason such as illness or death in the employee's family, and as a result additional processing fees are charged, then and only then may UAB reimburse the employee for those processing fees.