Professional and Consulting Contracting Policy

Professional and Consulting Contracting Policy

Certain situations require the need for professional and consultant services (independent contractors). This policy outlines the definition of these services, the minimum amount needed to establish a written contract, and the procedures to be followed in managing such services.
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Professional & Consulting Contracting Policy

For the purposes of this policy, the term "professional & consultant services" is defined as those services rendered by persons or those companies acting as independent contractors who are members of a particular profession or possess a special skill and who are not officers or employees of UAB. Examples include those services acquired by UAB in order to enhance its legal, economic, financial, or technical positions. Professional and consultant services are generally acquired to obtain information, advice, opinions, alternatives, conclusions, recommendations, training, or direct assistance, such as studies, analyses, evaluations, liaison with Government officials, or other forms of representation.

Professional and consultant service arrangements meeting the above definition which in total equal to or exceed $2,500, excluding travel reimbursements, must be supported by a formal written contract executed by a UAB official with Board designated signature authority. The contract at minimum should include the following: statement of work, duration of work, payment terms, and the terms for travel reimbursements which are subject to UAB’s expenditure guidelines including but not limited to the "Non Employee Travel – Independent Contractors" policy.

For professional and consultant services funded from sponsored agreements, amounts in excess of established maximum limits per sponsoring agencies without specific agency approval, will be charged to appropriate department’s designated voluntary cost sharing account.