Surplus Warehouse Policy and Procedure

Surplus Warehouse Policy and Procedure

This policy details the requirements for conducting business and maintaining inventory in the UAB Surplus Warehouse.
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Faculty, Staff, Students
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Surplus Warehouse Policy and Procedure

Surplus equipment items are UAB property regardless of acquisition cost or object code and must be accounted for according to the UAB Equipment Accountability Policy.

An Equipment Disposition Form must be completed and then signed by the authorized person for your department. This signed form must then be approved in the Equipment Accounting office before the items will be accepted into the warehouse as surplus. For the safety of UAB employees as well as customers, any biohazardous item must be cleared and tagged by the safety department ( prior to UAB movers’ arrival to transport these items to the warehouse. Sensitive information should be deleted from PC's prior to moving them to the warehouse. Hard drives should remain in the PC's as the surplus warehouse is the legal disposal point for scrap and surplus. (questions about these policies can be answered by phoning 934-5144)

Equipment items removed from the surplus warehouse may be used for official UAB business purposes only. Any other use must be in accordance with state and federal law.

You must have a valid UAB identification card with you to remove any item from surplus or storage to another department.

All non-UAB visitors will be seen by appointment only and must be accompanied at all times by warehouse personnel while on the premises.

Any item or cannibalized component of any item must be listed on a completed Equipment Disposition Form before it can be removed from the surplus warehouse.

The department head or other designate whose authorization is on file with the Equipment Accounting Department must sign all Equipment Disposition Forms.

Photocopies of Equipment Disposition Forms will not be accepted because as the legal disposal port we must verify all signatures as well as the receipt of the listed items. .

Surplus items may be placed "on hold" for later pickup no longer than 5 days. You will not be reminded to pick up "on hold" items.

Only warehouse personnel may tag an item as "on hold". This tag will list the person the item is held for, the date the item was reserved, the account the item will be transferred to and the phone number of the person reserving the item.

When the item is again declared, "surplus", it should be sent to the warehouse for disposal.