Applicant Referrals - HR Policy 109

Applicant Referrals - HR Policy 109

This policy describes the requirements and procedures followed for applicant referrals used in the applicant selection process.
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Policy 109 - Applicant Referrals

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 08/09

The Employment Division of Human Resources refers applicants to the hiring departments through the UAB online application system. The HR recruiter determines those applicants who are best qualified based on such criteria as education, skills, and work experience and refers them to the hiring department. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for referral. A department may have applicants approach them directly. These applicants should, in all cases, be directed to contact the appropriate Employment Office to ensure completion of the online application.

Once the recruiter is notified to close the position vacancy, a disposition form for each applicant referral is forwarded to the hiring manager for completion. The hiring manager will need to indicate on the disposition form whether the applicant was interviewed and/or hired. If the applicant was not interviewed and/or hired the reason for the decision must be given. The completed disposition form(s) for all referred applicants should be returned to the recruiter via the online system. There is not a specified number of applicants to be referred nor is there a specified number of applicants a department must interview.