Vacation - HR Policy 301

Vacation - HR Policy 301

This policy details vacation benefits for nonexempt and exempt employees.
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Policy 301 – Vacation

Date Issued: 10/80
Date Revised: 06/16

Vacation benefits are provided for the rest and relaxation of the regular employee and are necessary for effective work. Employees are expected to submit vacation requests to their supervisors for approval. Full-time regular and 3/12 hour shift employees are entitled to vacation with pay according to the following schedule:

Accrual Rates for Vacation Time


Length of Continuous Service

Accrual Rate Per Pay Period

Per Year

Total Maximum

Nonexempt Full-Time Employees*

1 through 10 years

3.70 hours

96 hours (12 work days)

192.00 hours

11 through 20 years

5.23 hours

136 hours (17 work days)

272.16 hours

21 or more years

6.77 hours

176 hours (22 work days)

352.08 hours

Exempt Full-Time Employees*Full-Time Employees*

1 through 5 years

1.25 days

15 work days

30 work days

6 through 15 years

1.67 days

20 work days

40 work days

16 or more years

1.83 days

22 work days

44 work days

*The accrual rates for part-time regular employees and Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) employees are prorated based on hours paid for nonexempt employees and assigned FTE for exempt employees. The maximums for part-time regular employees and Alternative Work Schedule employees can be as much as the maximums for full-time employees.

Vacation benefits and accrual rates for faculty members are specified in the UAB Faculty Handbook.

Persons hired into senior administrative and executive positions are entitled to the maximum vacation benefits as soon as employed. Contact HR Records Administration for further details.

Exempt employees are given a more liberal vacation allowance in recognition of the fact that they are not paid overtime.

Part-time regular nonexempt employees and Alternative Work Schedule employees earn vacation at a prorated amount based on hours paid for each pay period. Part-time regular exempt employees and alternative work schedule employees earn vacation at a prorated amount based on their assigned FTE. The prorated amount will never be less than one-half the rate of full-time employees.

You will not be eligible to take your vacation until you have completed your initial six month probationary period, but your vacation will begin to accrue at the time of your employment.

Vacation time for nonexempt employees is maintained in the HR Administrative system. Vacation records for exempt employees are maintained by the employing department or unit. A maximum of two years accrual may be accumulated. Once the two year maximum has been accumulated, the employee may continue to accrue non-reimbursable vacation time which will be transferred to sick time if not taken during the calendar year of accumulation. Nonexempt employees will have vacation accruals above the maximum allowed transferred to their sick time each pay period automatically by the HR Administrative System.

A recognized holiday occurring during your vacation will not be charged to vacation time. (See Section 302.A of the Holidays - HR Policy 302 for essential and part time personnel.) No allowance will be made, however, for sickness or other incapacity occurring during your vacation.

Upon termination, unused, accrued vacation up to the maximum payout allowed (see note below) will be paid at the regular rate of pay if the initial six-month probationary period has been completed.

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2015, the maximum payout allowed is 33 days.  Effective January 1, 2016, the maximum vacation payout allowed is 22 days.