Problem Resolution Procedure for Non-faculty Employees - HR Policy 608

Problem Resolution Procedure for Non-faculty Employees - HR Policy 608

This policy states UAB employees with unresolved concerns or complaints of a qualifying nature may seek relief through a formal grievance process.
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Policy 608 – Problem Resolution Procedure for Non-faculty Employees


Date Issued:      11/80
Date Revised:     07/06
Date Reviewed:  8/2020

All employees who have a concern or complaint that arises within the course of their employment are first encouraged to seek resolution of the matter through an informal process regardless of whether the employee or work-related issue qualifies for the formal Problem Resolution Procedure. Resolving problems at the department level helps build trust and better working relationships. The appropriate actions to take to resolve the issue or complaint through the informal process are as follows:

  • One-on-one Meetings – An employee is encouraged to meet with the person against whom he/she has a complaint to discuss the situation and to seek resolution of the complaint.
  • Intervention by Supervisor, Manager, or Department/Unit Head – An employee is encouraged to contact his/her supervisor to request assistance with resolving the complaint.
  • Facilitated Conversations – If one-on-one meetings or intervention by departmental officials as indicated, above do not resolve the complaint or are not appropriate, the employee may contact the HR Employee Relations Office or the assigned department Consultant/Advisor to request the assistance of a “facilitator.” In some cases, HR Employee Relations may take the initiative to recommend this action. Facilitated conversations allow the employee and the individual against whom the employee has a complaint to discuss the relevant issue in order to seek a mutually agreeable solution to the complaint.

If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, the formal Problem Resolution Procedure is available to employees who meet the following criteria:

  • Employees must have completed the initial six months probationary period and must be employed in one of the following assignment categories:
    • Full-time Regular Employees (01)
    • Part-time Regular Employees (03)
    • Three Twelve-hour-shift (3/12 Hour) Employees (12)
    • Weekend Staff Employees (17)
  • Employees in their initial six months or 90-day interdepartmental transfer probationary period may use this formal procedure only if the problem resolution request is based on an allegation of discrimination.
  • All employees, even those not eligible to use the Problem Resolution Procedure, may submit a complaint of alleged discrimination to officials listed in the UAB Equal Opportunity Policy.

The work-related issues that may be challenged using the formal Problem Resolution Procedure are as follows:

  • Discharge from employment
  • Resignation in place of immediate dismissal
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Imposed probation
  • Denied promotion
  • Denied payment of approved benefit time
  • Discrimination as outlined in the UAB Equal Opportunity Policy (For purposes of the Problem Resolution Procedure, employees must state specific acts or circumstances supporting the discrimination allegation and the desired outcome.)

Salary, performance evaluation, verbal counseling, voluntary resignation, position elimination due to restructuring or funding, or discharge as a result of a violation of the “Guidelines for Impaired Employees” (back-to-work agreement) may not be contested unless supported by specific evidence of discrimination.

Employees may use the procedure without penalty or retaliation.

Any questions regarding the Problem Resolution Procedure for Non-faculty Employees should be directed to the Office of HR Employee Relations at extension 4-4458 or 4-4701.

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